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Gate.io Blog Frequently Q&A About Gate.io WCTC

Frequently Q&A About Gate.io WCTC

10 June 16:46

Some questions that you always want to know which related to whether you can win the WCTC. Please read this Blog with a winner's attitude. Then you will win.

1. Are there any requirements for the WCTC?

Complete KYC with Contract balance ≥200 USDT.

2. When is the competition time?

June 10th 00:00 - July 1st, 2022 24:00 (UTC). For 21 days.

3. Should I choose troop or solo showdown?

Both are ok. But troop captain has more benefits than troop members and individuals.

4. What are the benefits of being a troop captain?

- 40% of the team prize pool exclusively for the team leader, up to $384,000.
- 30% commission rebate for troop captain invites new users to register and join the troop.
- Applying for the Referral Program to enjoy a 30%-50% high commission rebate after the WCTC.

5. What can I do if I want to be a troop captain?

Sign up for WCTC to form a troop and complete KYC with Contract assets ≥200 USDT.

6. When to sign up as a troop captain?

Anytime before June 28th, 2022 24:00 (UTC)

7. Are there any rules to form a troop?

Just need ≥ 5 members.

8. If the troop has less than 5 members before the competition starts, can I still participate in the WCTC?

Yes, of course. The troop will be automatically disbanded and put to solo showdown.

9. Is there no benefit to participating in solo showdown?

Absolutely not.
- Solo showdown exclusive 2X cards for rewards.
- Solo showdown up to $240,000 rewards.
- 20% of the total prize pool, up to $1,000,000.

10. How to win the WCTC?

It's ranked according to the higher profit and profit rate respectively which means that the higher profit/profit rate ranking, the more likely you are to win the rewards.

11. How is the WCTC ranked?

Troop Profit/Profit Rate = the sum of the top 10 internal profit/profit rate of the troop. Negative profit/profit rate and trading volume of less than 3,000 USDT will not participate in the ranking.
Solo showdown's profit/profit rate ranking needs to meet the contract trading volume ≥ 3,000 USDT, and the profit/profit rate should be greater than 0.

12. Where to check my ranking?

At here.

13. Is it true that the Lucky Draw rate is 100%?

Absolutely 100% guaranteed to win a prize.

Are you confident of winning the WCTC now? Come on. Let's just do it.
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