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    Copy Trading App-V3.10.1 Functions Guide

    Gate.io Copy Trading App is live! Android users can download and update the version to the latest through the official website link below, while iOS users can download or update the Gate.io App to the latest version in the App Store, with which you can trade more easily. Download Copy Trading Ap...

    Tags: Read: 5402 Creation Time: 34 days 23 hours ago

    Custom Strategy Example


    Tags: Read: 5669 Creation Time: 42 days 17 hours ago

    Gate.io Copy Trading's Adjustment On The Calculation Of ROI Amount And ROI

    Adjustment on the calculation of ROI Amount and ROI 1.Adjustment on the calculation of total ROI Amount and total ROI In order to further improve the service of copy trading, we will calculate the ROI Amount by interval, and the ROI will be adjusted accordingly. 2. With Caluculat...

    Tags: Read: 14194 Creation Time: 83 days 23 hours ago

    Upgrade On Gate.io Copy Trading Traders' Functions! With The Function Of Removing Copiers Added!

    In order to enhance the experience of traders, we have decided to add [Traders Remove Copiers] in copy trading. The detailed functions and usage methods are as follows: <1> Target: lead traders <2> Introduction of the updated features: traders can selectively remove their own copier...

    Tags: Read: 8008 Creation Time: 91 days 3 hours ago

    Gate.io Copy Trading: Be Careful Of The Following Common Mistakes In Copying!

    The crypto market is volatile. Although Gate.io copy trading has absorbed a number of excellent traders settling in, copiers still need to maintain a good copying mentality and habits, Also, they should understand the copying mechanism to copy scientifically and better grasp the market opportunities...

    Tags: Read: 6448 Creation Time: 103 days 0 hours ago

    Copying Tips in Copy Trading [Sharpe Ratio & Yield Curve]

    Copy trading is a trading product with which users can lead trading or copy others trading . As a copier, it's very important to select a right trader. This article will introduce two ways to judge the leading ability of traders (only for your reference). 1.Two ways to judge the leading abilit...

    Tags: Read: 7951 Creation Time: 112 days 20 hours ago

    Gate.io Copy Trading User Notice - Copying Mode Is Optimized!

    Update highlights: 1. Copying mode is optimized as "full copy mode" and "free copy mode" 2. Enable the lead trader to open two-side positions on the same contract. 3. The copier can follow the trader's in the mode of cross margin and isolated margin. 4. Copiers can switch the copying mode d...

    Tags: Read: 12100 Creation Time: 124 days 4 hours ago

    Quant Trial Funds - FAQ

    1. What are Quant trial funds? Quant trial funds can function as Strategy Bot margins(which can be used in Spot and some Future markets), loss deductions, handling fees, and capital costs. Gate.io Quant trial funds aim to facilitate new and regular users to experience Quant products without risk...

    Tags: Read: 10314 Creation Time: 127 days 21 hours ago

    Gate.io Copy Trading: Rules Description of Traders' Profit Sharing By Leading Trading

    Dear Gate.io Users: Recently, we have received a lot of consultation from users about the rules of traders' leading dividends, so we hereby give some explanations. Gate.io traders can directly get 2-30% of the follower's profit as profit sharing, whose detailed description is as follows....

    Tags: Read: 14742 Creation Time: 133 days 23 hours ago

    Gate.io Copy Trading Important Functions Update! 【User Notice】

    I.Content Update: 1. Adjust the copy parameters & supplement copy amount 2. Add the option "start copying when the lead trader has no position" 3. Supplement the margin 4. The trader' homepage is combined with Live & Posts II.Descripton of update: 1.Adjust copying parameters...

    Tags: Read: 11968 Creation Time: 138 days 20 hours ago

    Description of Gate.io Copy Trading Logic

    1. The Copy Logic Of Copy Trading <1> Copying transaction is based on the number of adjusted postitions by the trader, the number of copying transactions (rounded down) = the proportion of copying * the number of adjusted positions, if the number is less than the minimum copying number of f...

    Tags: Read: 20761 Creation Time: 147 days 21 hours ago

    Explanation of the inconsistency between the ROIs of traders and copiers

    1. Why is there an inconsistency between the ROI of traders and the ROI of copiers? <1> The different deposit amounts between the trader and the copier will lead to a different ROI. If the copier has insufficient funds, he will be unable to follow the trader in the follow-up trades. The cu...

    Tags: Read: 37325 Creation Time: 153 days 23 hours ago

    Copy Trading-FAQs

    1. Why is there an inconsistency between the ROI of traders and the ROI of copiers? <1> The different deposit amounts between the trader and the copier will lead to a different ROI. If the copier has insufficient funds, he will be unable to follow the trader in the follow-up trades. The...

    Tags: Read: 15310 Creation Time: 159 days 20 hours ago

    Special Copy Trading Notes -Traders

    1.Notes for copy trading - traders Note1: The Lead Trader needs to acknowledge that the copier will copy the position change of the lead trader without considering the copy multiple, leverage system and single transaction constraints until the copier's copy funds are no longer available....

    Tags: Read: 19674 Creation Time: 161 days 4 hours ago

    Process of how to be a trader

    How to become a trader? 1. Complete process: Go to the copy trading homepage> click “Be a Trader” > sign the trader agreement> Initialize the leading parameters> enable the copy. Note: Only when the leading parameters setting is finished can the lead trader's card be shown. 2...

    Tags: Read: 17961 Creation Time: 165 days 22 hours ago

    Gate.io Copy Trading - Traders Guide

    1. How to become a trader? 1.1 The registration process Application conditions: <1> Owns a Gate.io account and completed KYC. <2>Apply to become a trader and sign the lead trader agreement. After signing, it will be reviewed by the backend. Once your application is approved, you wil...

    Tags: Read: 43995 Creation Time: 172 days 20 hours ago

    Gate.io Copy Trading-Copiers Guide

    1. How to become a copier? To sucessfully copy trading strategies on our copy trading platform please refer to the guide below 1.1 The Copy Process The complete copy process: Go to the Copy Trading page> select a trader> sign copier agreement> set copy parameters> Start copying...

    Tags: Read: 70347 Creation Time: 172 days 20 hours ago
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