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Make Your First Spot Trade - Receive Up to $1,000 Airdrop

If you are a newbie looking for a reputable exchange to start your journey with crypto, then join Gate.io. Please register the form, and proceed to trade the first orders to receive a big airdrop. Duration: Aug 5th - Aug 19th, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2129...

Read: 23295 Creation Time: 239 days 1 hours ago

Join the Global Advocate Program - Get Up to 50% Trading Commission $500 Invitation Welfare

We are looking for a group of people who are passionate about cryptocurrencies and have their own medium or personal cryptocurrency community. We need your participation to increase Gate.io influence. At the same time, we also give you the most generous rewards, including huge bonus pools, and new A...

Read: 15055 Creation Time: 240 days 3 hours ago

Complete the Deposit "4-Step Plan" ,Share the $100,000 Reward

What baggage have you prepared for when participating in crypto? Let Gate Influencers accompany and bring airdrop for this journey. Duration: Aug 4th - Aug 18th, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2122 Activity 1: Complete the deposit "4-Step Plan" and share in the...

Read: 36433 Creation Time: 240 days 11 hours ago

Copy Trading Contest: Show Your Skills & Share From $130,000 Prize Pool

Have you made your first pot of gold in the cryptocurrency market? Do you feel confident about your extraordinary trading ability? Join our copy trading today. Not only can novice traders learn some trading tips and tricks from you, but they can also profit from a $130,000 prize pool! Duration...

Read: 27648 Creation Time: 242 days 6 hours ago

Enjoy Buddhist Lent Day, Receive $60,000 Awards

The summer festival program is exclusively for July and August; join and invite your friends to the Gate.io squad. We hope you will win the most airdrops for yourself and your community. Join now! Duration: July 27th - Aug 10th, 2022 How to join this activity: Step 1:Tribute to the Buddhis...

Read: 32857 Creation Time: 248 days 4 hours ago

Rookie King Contest: Share $80,000 & Get A Home Theater Reward

Enthusiasm among crypto users has also grown in the hot summer. Gate.io Influencers has launched a special summer series of events, Hurry up and share the prize pool with your friends and get home theater rewards! Duration: July 26th - Aug 9th, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/q...

Read: 18993 Creation Time: 249 days 3 hours ago

Trading Futures on Gate.io: $60,000 Is Waiting For You

Are you in the summer vacation mode yet? Are you looking for summer gains? Join this event with Gate Influencers to increase your airdrops! Duration: July 25th - Aug 8th, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2073 Activity 1: A BTC for new users and inviters: Use...

Read: 34308 Creation Time: 250 days 3 hours ago

New User Competition: Sign Up, Unlock $100,000 Token Blind Boxes

In the hot summer, we still can't stop our enthusiasm for crypto trading. We’ve launched a welcome event for new users in the crypto space in July, with a $10,000 prize pool waiting for you to win! Duration: July 23rd - Aug 5th, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnair...

Read: 30941 Creation Time: 252 days 2 hours ago

New Referral Program - Get Score points & Share the $100,000 & LG Portable Air Conditioner

New friend referral program with extremely attractive rewards for July. Invite your friends to join Gate.io and win the top prize! Duration: July 22nd - Aug 4th, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2069 During the event period, you simply invite your friends to join...

Read: 29952 Creation Time: 253 days 3 hours ago

Refer Friends to Trade RNDX: Share $150,000 & Win Apple AirPods

Are you a crypto enthusiast with a passion for new projects? Are you a trader who loves to share new projects with friends? I think this event is perfect for you, so join us and share the prize pool! Duration: July 20th - July 31st, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire...

Read: 36066 Creation Time: 255 days 7 hours ago

SaluteTo "Human Moon Day"- Win Part Of A $100,000 Prize Pool Plus Social media sharing rewards

In order to create the right conditions for new friends to join the "rocket" to the moon, Gate Influencers is organising a large airdrop campaign for new users and invitees. Take this opportunity and let's take off to the moon together! Duration: July 19th - Aug 2nd, 2022 Please fill in the for...

Read: 18168 Creation Time: 256 days 2 hours ago

Gate Influencers Needed: Get the Gate.io Influencer Badge NFT & Up to $2,000 Creator Awards

In order to bring you a better experience and an improved service quality, Gate.io is looking for KOLs all over the world. Join the Gate Influencers family now! Duration: July 18th - Aug 8th, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2044 Activity 1:Get a welcome bonus o...

Read: 28878 Creation Time: 257 days 4 hours ago

KOL Recruitment Program - Earn a maximum salary of up to $50,000 & Monthly Airdrops

If you are crypto-savvy, have a community, and own social media channels, join the Gate Influencers team now! Duration: July 15th - July 28th, 2022 What is the Gate Influencers program? - Create your content and post it on social networking platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, and Facebo...

Read: 62840 Creation Time: 260 days 3 hours ago

Crypto Newbie Month - Win The Trading Rewards, And Share a $100,000 Prize pool

Futures can be profitable in spite of a bear or bull market. If you are new, you can refer to the copy trading platform at Gate.io, and we will help you conquer the levels and win the highest prize! Duration: July 14th - July 28th, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnai...

Read: 34040 Creation Time: 261 days 2 hours ago

Invitational contest - Share a $130,000 Prize Pool & Win OpenPunks NFTs

Gate.io is pleased to announce that we are starting a welcome contest to invite new users in July. We have prepared a $100,000 prize pool for everyone, and limited edition NFTs are waiting for you! Duration: July 14th - July 27th, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire...

Read: 13080 Creation Time: 261 days 7 hours ago

Crypto Newbie Month: Receive Apple Family Rewards & $150,000 prize pool

It's our pleasure to announce that July is our crypto welcome month. In order to welcome the arrival of new users in the crypto industry, we have specially prepared this event for you. Join now and share the prize pool and prizes with you. Duration: July 12th - Aug 2nd, 2022 Please fill in the...

Read: 59106 Creation Time: 263 days 3 hours ago

Gate Influencer Badge NFT, Share $50,000 & NFT Prize Pool

Activity 1: Join the Gate Influencers team ,Win Influencer NFT rewards! Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2016 Who are we looking for? - Anyone who is interested in the crypto world and has the ability to spread their influence can sign up without restrictions on social...

Read: 19104 Creation Time: 264 days 3 hours ago

Gate Influencers Orientation Season: Get Limited NFTs & Up to 50% in commissions

To bring more experiences and better service quality to each community, Gate.io searches for KOLs in all countries. Join the Gate Influencers family now! Duration: July 11th - July 31st, 2022 Qualifications: - Have a good understanding of cryptocurrency. - Have participated in other Gate.io...

Read: 18889 Creation Time: 264 days 3 hours ago

Trading King Competition: Show Your Trading Ability, Share a $60,000 Award

We have been looking for a specific group of people who have their own insights and insights into the crypto market, and who have a senior level of crypto trading. Today we prepared a game for them to witness the birth of this group of kings. Duration: July 7th - July 28th, 2022 Please fill in t...

Read: 20930 Creation Time: 268 days 2 hours ago

BTC Prediction Contest - Win up to $1,000 Award

Here we are and half of 2022 is already gone. Is your trading plan prepared for the next 6 months? Gate Influencers organizes airdrops and minigames for all users. Join now! Duration: July 5th - July 26th, 2022 Please fill in the form: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2000 During the event,...

Read: 39309 Creation Time: 270 days 4 hours ago
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