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Type Price 24h % will stop using statcounter for traffic stats

Statcounter is one of the top stats tools providers in the world. was using Statcounter's paid services for a few months. On Nov. 6, 2018, we got the notice from ESET researcher's report and the "ESET Internet Security" product that there's a suspicious behavior in Statcounter's traffic stat...

Tags: Read: 39677 Updated: 8days20hours ago Released Android App (v2.3.3 Beta) - The Best Cryptocurrency Trading APP has released the mobile APP for Android (v2.3.3 Beta), which is one of the best digital currency assets exchange APP. New features include margin trading (up to 3x leverage), lending (annual return up to 7% - 70%), global markets charts, tokens information, large order monitoring, large tran...

Tags: Read: 27773 Updated: 9days3hours ago

Regarding the LRN 2nd and 3rd airdrops

Today we confirmed from the Loopring official team that they had changed the LRN airdrop rules and stopped the exchange from obtaining the LRN airdrop for the users. We won't be able to distribute the 2nd and 3rd airdrops for our users. From now on, we stop providing the LRN deposit service. Get...

Tags: LRN,LRC Read: 66476 Updated: 11days16hours ago

TIO is delisted from

We have received an urgent request from the TIO official team to delist TIO and disable the deposit and trading services. Please contract TIO official team for more details. We will keep providing the withdrawal service for 6 months. Please Withdraw TIO from:

Tags: TIO Read: 41567 Updated: 22days22hours ago

Atlas Protocol(ATP) listing will be postponed

Based on the information we obtained from the ATP official team, they need more time to finish the airdrop before listing. We have to postpone the ATP trading for a while. Once the exact open time determined, we will announce it as soon as possible. Deposit ATP at

Tags: ATP Read: 77348 Updated: 24days18hours ago will swap ICON(ICX) to mainnet for ICX ERC20 holders

The ICON(ICX) mainnet has been released. will swap ICX to the mainnet asset for all users. Please deposit ICX to before Oct.24, 2018 and you will get upgraded automatically. After the deadline, the ICON official team will freeze the ERC20 token transactions and your ERC20 ICX will be...

Tags: ICX Read: 75123 Updated: 26days3hours ago short time scheduled maintenance (Oct.14)

To provide better service, we will upgrade our servers and the trading system. will have a short time scheduled maintenance during 17:00-17:15 (15 minutes) Oct. 14, 2018, GMT. mobile App: Follow us and get updated at Twitter: https://twitter.c...

Tags: Read: 68658 Updated: 32days11hours ago

Gate Technology Statement - Our Commitment to Our Users

Friday 21st September 2018 Gate takes the financial and general cyber security of its users extremely seriously, prioritizing absolute security at every stage, providing users with a secure and trustworthy platform to trade on. Gate welcomes increased regulation from the wider financial services...

Tags: Read: 131702 Updated: 54days18hours ago Starts Distributing Rewards To XTZ Holders starts distributing the XTZ baking rewards to all XTZ holders based on their average daily XTZ balances every week. Check your XTZ rewards log at The current annual reward is around 10.5%, it might drop in the future and we will adjust the distributi...

Tags: XTZ Read: 224268 Updated: 66days3hours ago

Hitchain(HIT) will be listed on

Hitchain aims to implement a distributive 'Hit' protocal and ecosystem to improve the 'Git' source code management platform by leveraging the power of IPFS and blockchain technologies. The goal of Hitchain is to build an autonomous community of the developers,by the developers and for the develope...

Tags: HIT Read: 204008 Updated: 105days13hours ago

FTI(Fanstime) will be listed on

Fans Time hopes that talents and individual potentials will be cherished. Individual IPs can freely develop, continuously evolve and unlimitedly upgrade in a benign ecosystem of self-governance. We hope that declaration of the rights of a talent is valued, thus subculture and mainstream culture, pop...

Tags: FTI Read: 218058 Updated: 112days4hours ago Has Distributed Everipedia IQ Airdrop

We have distributed the IQ candies for EOS holders based on the EOS balance snapshot on BJT 6:00 June.03, 2018 at 1 eos : 5.1 IQ ratio. EOS holders can check the IQ balance in your account at IQ trading will be enabled on July 15 4:00 UTC at

Tags: IQ Read: 164774 Updated: 124days10hours ago enabled Tezos (betanet) deposit/withdrawal and trading

Tezos(XTZ) Tezos is a new decentralized blockchain that governs itself by establishing a true digital commonwealth. It facilitates formal verification, a technique which mathematically proves the correctness of the code governing transactions and boosts the security of the most sensitive or financia...

Tags: Read: 220049 Updated: 136days3hours ago

EOS mainnet Deposit and Withdraw enabled on has swapped all users' EOS ERC20 tokens to the mainnet assets. Now the deposit and withdraw have been enabled. The daily withdraw amount is limited to 10 EOS. We will increase it when the mainnet becomes stable. Deposit EOS at Withdraw EOS at h...

Tags: Read: 95547 Updated: 149days5hours ago