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Gate.io Spot Copy Trading Functions Q&A

2023-03-23 08:22:24 UTC 6755

Q1: What is the copy logic of Spot Copy Trading?

A1: It will follow the lead trader's executed order record. Copiers can copy successfully only after the lead trader completes the order, and the lead trader's pending order will not be copied.

Q2: How do copiers copy at present?

A2: At present, copiers are only allowed to copy market orders. If the order is not completed, the copying will fail.

Q3: How long is the validity period of the order if the copiers order is not closed?

A3: At present, only market orders are supported. If the order is not completed, the copying will fail. And the order has no validity period.

Q4: How to determine the copying ratio?

A4: Users can set it themselves or calculate the copying ratio based on the available balance ratio.

Q5: Can the copiers stop copying manually?

A5: At present, copiers can only stop copying manually. But once they choose to stop copying, they will end the entire copying behavior, not just stop copying a certain order.

Q6: Can the copier copy the lead trader's stop loss order?

A6: Stop-loss orders can't be copied, and copiers need to set the ratio of take profit and stop loss by themselves.

Q7: Does the sub-account of Spot Copy Trading support API?

A7: At present, the copying sub-account does not support API, but the leading sub-account supports API.

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