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    Gate.io Strategy Bot - Future Grid Is Optimized! Start Your Journey With $1000 Subsidies!

    2023-03-14 03:57:16 UTCRead:16481
    In order to help users use functions of Future Grid more conveniently and quickly, Gate.io Strategy Bot has made adjustments after listening to the opinions of users. Up to now, 7 functions have been updated and upgraded.

    In order to let Strategy Bot users have more fun when exploring new features, we have launched this event, providing a prize pool to help you experience the new future grids for free.

    About Gatet.io Strategy Bot

    Gate.io strategy bot is a quantitative strategy trading tool with which users can freely create or copy automatic trading strategies. There are many excellent strategies with long-term stable profits on strategy bot, helping users achieve profits during market downturns.
    More instructions on Strategy Bot: https://www.gate.io/help/quants/essential_reading

    Event Bonus

    Event bonuses can be accumulated!
    <1> Users who answer 4 questions about function updates correctly will get 3 USDT Quant trial funds;
    <2> Users who create a future grid strategy during the event can get a 5 USDT subsidy if they reach the trading volume threshold;
    <3> Users whose future grid created during the event meet the requirements of the individual competition will get an individual award of 300~1000 USDT.

    Event Rules
    Duration: 2023-03-14~2023-03-28

    <1> How much do you know about optimized functions? Answer questions and win prizes!
    Users who answer all questions correctly will win 3 USDT trial funds for creators. Limited to 500 users; first come first served!

    Reading material: https://www.gate.io/zh/article/29942

    Entrance to questions:https://go.gate.io/w/Y6D0jpqx

    <2> Experience the new future grid with beginners' subsidies we prepared for you!

    Click to register:https://go.gate.io/w/qHMe8UwQ

    Create and Reward

    During the event, create a new contract grid strategy in Quantitative Copy. As long as the transaction volume reaches 5,000 USDT, you can get 5 USDT, no limit!

    Challenge Future Grid & Win $1000!

    If users' newly-created future grid strategy meets the requirements during the event, they can obtain the following bonuses:

    Reminder: It must be a newly created future grid strategy during the event, and historical strategies are invalid.

    <1> No cheating is allowed. Once discovered, all rewards will be canceled and handled in accordance with the rules of the platform;
    <2> In the individual competition, users should have at least 1,000,000 USDT trading volume to get the first prize, at least 500,000 USDT trading volume to get the second prize, and have at least 300,000 USDT trading volume to get the third prize, otherwise the rewards will not arrive;
    <3> Rewards will be sent in the form of Quant trial funds for creators or Points, which will be sent to users who have completed KYC and have no remaining Quant trial funds in their Quant account. Please ensure that there are no unused trial funds in your account.
    <4> Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is affected by many factors such as market fluctuations and policies. The market fluctuates greatly, and at times, it may be difficult to make accurate predictions. Please trade responsibly and make sure you understand all the implications of this activity.

    Gate.io reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.

    If you have any questions about this activity or strategy bot products, please feel free to contact us through Telegram or customer service:
    Strategy Bot - Chinese Telegram Group: https://t.me/gateio_copytrading
    Strategy Bot - English Telegram Group: https://t.me/gateio_copytrading_global
    Customer Service: https://t.me/Kris88601
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    March 14, 2023

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