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Quant Weekly Report: Overview Of The Weekly Report Of Strategy Bot And Copy Trading

2022-11-18 05:49:43 UTC 18464
Dear Gate.io Copiers,

In order to help the copiers better understand the copy trading and strategy bot, we will display copy trading traders' performance and strategy bot data every week.

Weekly report of copy trading includes the average ROI of traders and the top traders in Sharpe Ratio.

Weekly report of strategy bot includes average ROI of strategies and the recommended good strategies in the past 7 days

Special note: The weekly report is only for data representation and does not imply any advice on investment.

Weekly Report of Copy Trading

Weekly report of copy trading includes:In addition, Gate.io will also display the Top 3 traders with stable ROI, who had excellent and stable earnings during this week.

Top 3 traders of copy trading this week

Trader ID:稱已被占用穩健量化無懼牛熊安豐大負翁

Description of the data indicators of the weekly report of copy trading:

Statistics time:2022.11.14~2022.11.18

Notice: The average ROI of of all traders is calculated based on the samples with an ROI greater than;
Sharp ratio = average ROI of traders / ROI standard, which indicates the trader's comprehensive ability to resist risk and gain returns. The higher the sharp ratio, the better the trader's profitability to gain higher returns on the basis of relatively lower risk.
Learn more about Sharpe Ratio: https://www.gate.io/blog_detail/1453

Copy Trading Homepagehttps://www.gate.io/copytrading
Instructions of Copy Trading: https://www.gate.io/help/quants/copy-trading
Join the offici copy trading community to unlock more surpriseshttps://t.me/Gateio_Copy_Trading
Customer Service: https://t.me/Kris88601

Weekly Report of Strategy Bot

Weekly report of strategy bot includes: average ROI of current top strategies, average ROI of all strategies, maximum ROI, and maximum ROI amount.

In addition, Gate.io also showed 3 good strategies with growth space in profit in the past 7 days, which has the potential for profitability in the near future, and is likely to bring profits to the copier after copying.

Top strategies of strategy bot this week

Strategy ID: 1882634、1988864、1987893
As for how to select highly-profitable strategies, please refer to Strategy Bot: How to Quickly Identify Highly-Profitable Strategies?

How to search for a strategy through a strategy ID:

<1> Enter the leaderboard of strategy bot: https://www.gate.io/strategybot
<2> Enter the corresponding ID in the search box of "strategy ID" and click to search it

Description of the data indicators of the weekly report of strategy bot:
Statistics time: 2022.11.14~2022.11.18
Notice: The average ROI of of all strategies is calculated based on the samples with an ROI greater than

Strategy Bot Homepage: https://www.gate.io/strategybot

Instructions on Strategy Bot: https://www.gate.io/help/quants/essential_reading

Strategy Bot - Chinese Telegram Group: https://t.me/gateio_copytrading
Strategy Bot - English Telegram Group: https://t.me/gateio_copytrading_global
Customer Service: https://t.me/Kris88601

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