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Announcement: Gate.io Copy Trading - Intermediate And Advanced Traders Can Set Their Own Minimum Copying Amount

2022-11-03 06:34:39 UTCRead:17097
Since the launch of copy trading, many users have actively participated in and provided valuable feedback about the product. Gate.io copy trading technical team has been listening carefully to the voice of each user, and has worked hard in research and development to continuously improve the functions of copy trading, with the aim of optimizing user experience. At present, a new function is live on copy trading, that is, "intermediate and advanced traders can set the minimum copying amount by themselves", which is valid from November 3, 2022!

From now on, while leading trading, intermediate and advanced traders can set the minimum copy amount of the copiers according to their own needs!

At present, the mode adjustment is online and takes effect. Please pay attention to it!

Gate.io will continue to listen to users' suggestions, keep optimizing products, and strive to bring better service to you!

You are welcome to fill in the form and give us your comments and suggestions on copy trading products and functions!

Thank you for your long-term support for Gate.io Copy Trading!

Gate.io Copy Trading
Nov. 3rd, 2022

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