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    Gate.io Twitter account has returned to normal! Here are some anti-phishing tips.

    2022-10-23 09:23:34 UTCRead:27230
    Recently, false information and phishing links were posted on the Gate.io official Twitter account(@gate_io) by phishers. Upon discovering the account anomaly, Gate.io's security team immediately reached out to Twitter to suspend the account and issued an announcement about the account anomaly, prompting users to pay attention to cyber security.

    Through close cooperation between the Gate.io security team and Twitter, we quickly re-gained access to the Twitter account and deleted the false information and phishing links. At present, the Twitter account has resumed normal operations. Meanwhile, we also successfully blocked the phishing website from its operation, which effectively prevented users from accessing it. Fortunately, this incident only caused minimal damage to the platform and the users.

    Based on the operating principle of "safety first, user first", Gate.io will provide full compensation for the losses that users suffered due to this incident. At present, our team is in communication with the users who were affected. Gate.io's official Twitter account has returned to normal and users can interact normally.

    In response to the phishers' attempts to use malicious tactics to deceive users into clicking on fake links, Gate.io will pay more attention to the situation and work closely with Twitter to strengthen security management. We would like to remind users that there are several security steps you can take to protect your account and assets. Measures such as using stronger passwords, 2FA authentication, enabling anti-phishing codes, and remaining reasonably skeptical of suspicious websites will prevent you from falling into phishing traps.

    To this end, we strongly recommend that users read the following reminders carefully to prevent phishing attacks:

    1. Please be vigilant and cautious if you receive the following types of information during the trading process
    Do not click on links to non-official websites or tempting information shared by strangers, such as:
    - Unofficial Gate.io email
    - Links to unofficial Gate.io websites
    - Fraud SMS on mobile phones: requires clicking on the link, withdrawal to the wallet, order verification, risk removal, video verification, etc.
    - Unofficial fake links spread on social media, etc.

    2. Before entering Gate.io, please make sure the login link is our official website link.
    You can verify links through the following official verification channel: https://www.gate.io/officialverify

    3. Enable anti-phishing code
    You can set an anti-phishing code at the password management section: https://www.gate.io/myaccount/antiphishcode

    4. Use strong passwords
    Strong passwords are usually more than 10 characters long and consist of letters, numbers, and special symbols.

    5. Turn on 2FA authentication
    2FA authentication provides more secure protection on the user's login.

    6. If accidentally deceived, please be sure to visit Gate.io official website immediately to change your passwords for login and fund
    In order to prevent platform users from suffering loss, Gate.io hereby reminds every user to make sure to check Gate.io official websites and not click on disguised links, avoid logging into phishing websites, and be careful not to disclose account info, passwords, verification codes, charge codes and other sensitive information to others.

    Also, Gate.io will not collect funds from any user, nor will there be any agency investment service. Our customer service staff will not ask for any user's password, SMS codes, 2FA authentication codes, or other sensitive information. Please, do not believe the gossip of other channels, and be sure to protect your personal privacy to avoid being deceived.

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    Gate.io Team
    October 23th, 2022

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