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Gate NFT fragmented works voting function is online!

2022-10-17 11:47:40 UTC 21786
Fragmented NFT works voting feature is online now. Fragmented works holders can participate in the sale decision of blue chip works through the voting feature, and the proceeds from the sale of works will be divided equally according to the number of works held.

All users who hold the first four fragmented NFTS can vote online:
Phase 1: MAYC #8016
Phase 2: MAYC #87
Phase 3: Azuki #2641
Phase 4: MAYC #25072


1. Proposal time: Every Monday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (UTC), during which all NFT fragment holders can put forward a proposal to sell their works. Once the proposal is launched, the vote starts.
2. Voting time: Every Monday 9:00 AM to Wednesday 3:59 PM (UTC), during which all holders of NFT fragments can participate in the voting. Holders can cast votes consistent with the number of NFT fragments they hold. In addition, voting closes at 3:59 PM every Wednesday, and the first proposal to reach 60 percent support before that will be considered successful. Holders who do not participate in the vote are considered abstentions by default.
3. Sale time: Gate NFT sells the NFT at 12:00 PM (UTC) every Thursday, which is successfully proposed. After the NFT is sold, the amount of the NFT was sold for will be distributed equally to each fragment holder. If the work is not sold by 8:00 AM (UTC) the next Monday, NFT fragment holders may continue to vote the next time voting is available. In particular, fees and expenses collected by third parties during the sale of the order will be deducted at the time of settlement.

Gate NFT reserves full and absolute discretion in the fragmented NFT voting exercise. For cheating, fraud, or other irregularities, the platform will disqualify their participation in the voting.

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Oct 17, 2022

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