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Lucky Wheel Participation Tutorial and FAQ

2022-10-10 02:57:00 UTCRead:76024

Startup Lucky Wheel campaign is where users can spin the lucky wheel to win Startup whitelists and claim free new token airdrop of advanced projects on Gate.io Startup.

When to participate:

Users may participate in the event at any time during the event period.
Each round of Lucky Wheel lasts for 5 days. When the time is up for one round, the countdown of a new round will start automatically.

How to Participate:
Step 1: Visit the activity page
Step 2:
1) New users/invitees click the button to “Register” with KYC2, and will get one chance to spin;
2) Existing users who already have valid referrals click on “GO” & spin the wheel to get Startup launchpad whitelists.

Step 3: Click on “Invite Friends to Register” & get more spinning chances.

Step 4: Click on “Claim” & officially get the subscription shares

Step 5: Participate in Startup subscription & enjoy free new token airdrop of advanced projects on Gate.io Startup.

How to Get the Chances of Spinning Wheel:
1) New users/invitees click the button & register with KYC2 verification;
2) Existing users:
already have valid referrals since 16:00 Dec 31, 2022(UTC) or invite new users during the event. When either the 30-day total trading volume of all invitees or their total spot assets at the start of each round meets one of the requirements, either A or B:

◾ If invitees have met the two requirements at the same time, the superior one of the two conditions will be evaluated to get you the spinning chances.
◾ The spinning chances can't be accumulated from multiple rounds; all the spinning chances that left over will be cleared at the end of each round. Please make sure to use up all the spinning chances.
◾ If your invitees' trading volume and spot assets have increased, the updated data will be collected in the next round, so you can get more spinning chances in the next round.

How to Get Startup subscription shares:
1) Subscription shares can be accumulated from spins by the end of each round.

2) Click on "Claim" to officially get the subscription shares.

If you haven't clicked on "Claim" by the end of each round, the shares you have got will be cleared; but you can win new shares by spinning the lucky wheel again in the next round.

3) Once you click on "Claim" and decide to get the Startup participation shares for this round, the shares will be settled and cannot be changed, and the rest of the spinning chances, if there are any, will be cleared, so please make sure to use up all the spinning chances.

4) In terms of the VIP level that you already have, only when the shares you get from spinning are more than those of your VIP level, you can claim the more shares to participate in Startups.

5) The validity period of the shares in one round lasts for 5 days as of the time when participants claim the prize. And users can participate in the subscription of all ongoing Startup projects with the shares before they expire.

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