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Gate.io Portfolio Margin Account Open Beta Test has Ended and the Award Recipients Have Been Published

2022-09-16 14:55:28 UTC 21752
The competition of 「Upgrading the Gate.io Portfolio Margin Account, participate in the open beta test to win a $20,000 Bonus」 has successfully concluded, and Thanks for your enthusiastic participation! According to the reward rules, we will issue a contract bonus and points with the amount varying as a reward for the following award-winning users. All recipients can view their rewards in the APP 「Wallet-Contract Account-Bill (Perpetual Contract) or the Web 「Wallet- Contract Account- Perpetual Contract Bill」.

For more details, please view: https://www.gate.io/article/27538

Event 1: Win from a prize pool of 10000 USDT for participating Portfolio Margin Account open beta test ranking tournament
Winner’s UID (Not all-inclusive):

Event 2: Win from a prize pool of 10000 USDT for Completing the Portfolio Margin Account Questionnaire
Winner’s UID (Not all-inclusive):

Congratulations again to the above users! Rewards including contract bonuses and points have already been issued to the winning user’s account. If you have any questions, please contact online customer service.

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Sept 16th, 2022

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