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    Gate.io GMMC-Upgrade In Future Taker Program, Enjoy Up to 24% Taker Fee Rebate per Week

    Create Time:2022-09-10 02:11:04 UTCRead:13223

    To motivate more users to join Gate.io, we upgraded the GMMC-future taker trading competition. Users can earn up to a 24% taker fee rebate weekly, and enjoy particular interest-free loan limits up to $5,000,000.

    Campaign period: No expiry date
    Registration link: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/2218 or directly contact your key account manager to register, or email [email protected], Telegram contact @KA_EMEA, @KA_APAC.

    Entry requirements
    1. Users who have traded more than USD20,000,000 in the last 30 days on Gate.io.
    2. If you are a user of another exchange and your trading volume exceeds 20,000,000USD in the last 30 days, you can get a VIP+1 30-day experience on Gate.io.

    Gate.io Futures Taker Program and Trading Competition Rewards

    1. Up to 24% Taker Fee Rebate Every Week
    The monthly prize pool of the competition has been upgraded to a weekly bonus. You will receive a corresponding taker fee rebate if there is an increase in your weekly taker trading volume.

    (1) Campaign start date: 10 September 2022, 00:00 UTC+8
    (2) Taker Volume Weekly Growth = (Current week futures taker volume/ Last week futures taker volume)*100% - 1
    (3) Taker Fee Cash Rebate = Following week's futures taker volume actual fee * Taker Fee Rebate
    (4) Actual Fee: Actual trading fee generated by trading activities after excluding broker rebates, referral programs and rebate programs.
    (5) The cash rebate will be deposited into the participants' trading account in USDT within 7 days.

    For example: Tom's futures taker volume in the first week of September is USD100 million, and the taker volume in the second week of September reaches USD112 million (an increase of 12%). Then, Tom will receive an 8% cash rebate on following week's futures taker trading fees.

    2. Futures Taker Program: Taker Users Can Get Higher VIP Levels and Lower Taker Rates
    The corresponding VIP level and taker fee rate will be rewarded based on the monthly taker market share and taker ratio in the Gate.io perpetual futures market in the month of the competition. Details are as follows:

    (1)Monthly Taker Market Share = User's current month futures taker volume / Gate.io's current month futures taker volume
    (2)Taker Ratio = User's current month futures taker volume / User's current month total futures volume
    (3)Unqualified users from the competition will automatically get their VIP rates according to the platform's trading volume requirements. Check the VIP rates at https://www.gate.io/fee
    (4)The taker fee rates for all the qualified users from the competition will be adjusted uniformly at the beginning of the following month.

    3. VIP+1 30-day Benefit
    Users whose weekly taker volume increases by more than 6% for consecutive weeks can be entitled to a corresponding VIP+1 30-day benefit in the following month.

    4. Monthly 0% Interest-Free Line of Credit
    (1) Users whose monthly future taker trading volume ranks in the top 5 and whose weekly taker volume continues to increase by more than 12% for consecutive weeks can obtain a maximum $5,000,000 interest-free loan limit for spot trading.
    (2) The top 10 users with monthly future taker trading volume can obtain a maximum $5,000,000 loan limit for spot trading.

    Note: The loan/ line of credit can only be used in the spot market.

    5. 1v1 dedicated support
    Get the services of a dedicated account manager who responds to your needs first.

    1. The user requires to register once to participate in this monthly competition. Users are required to register again for next month's competition.
    2. All the above rewards are not superimposed with the same benefits as other activities on the platform.
    3. Enrolment in this competition does not affect your participation in the Gate.io spot and futures market maker program.
    4. Gate.io reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at its sole discretion. Please contact your key account manager, or email [email protected], Telegram contact @KA_EMEA, @KA_APAC if you have any questions.

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    Gate.io Team
    September 9

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