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Gate.io Will Delist SPI and GSPI

2022-09-06 11:45:59 UTC 31159
On the request of the shopping.io team, Gate.io will delist SPI and GSPI on Sep 7, 2022, at 2:00 AM UTC. According to the Shopping io token migration announcement, the shopping.io (SPI) and Shopping.io Governance(GSPI) tokens will be migrated to the SHOP tokens based on a snapshot taken on September 9, 2022 if the tokens are held in a supported web3 wallet (e.g Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc). It is highly recommended that you withdraw your SPI and GSPI tokens to a supported wallet as soon as possible to make sure that you won’t miss out the snapshot time and new token migration. Below are quoted from the migration announcement:

“Tokens will only be taken into account if they are located in the following forms:
Web 3 wallet (e.g Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc)
Tokens currently in $G/SPI’s staking platforms

Hardwallets (Ledger, Trezor)
Cold wallets (Exodus, Atomic)

About shopping.io (SPI) and Shopping.io Governance(GSPI) delisting:

1) Gate.io has now suspended the GSPI and SPI deposits and SPI margin borrowing services.
2)On September 7, at 2:00 AM UTC, Gate.io will delist the SPI and GSPI trading markets, including grid trading, AMM pool, and margin trading. Gate.io will also close any lending, borrowing or staking services for GSPI and SPI.
3) Gate.io will continue to provide withdrawal services for SPI and GSPI for an extended 3 months after the delisting.
Please note, the token migration snapshot will take place on September 9, 2022, but the specific time is unknown yet. Please withdraw your SPI and GSPI to a supported personal wallet as soon as possible.

Withdraw GSPI:
Withdraw SPI:
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Gate.io Team
Sep 6, 2022

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