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Home Gate.io Announcement: Beware of Cheating On Copy Trading

Gate.io Announcement: Beware of Cheating On Copy Trading

2022-07-07 06:41:37 UTC 15592 Read
Recently, we found that some users copied the trader's strategy as a copier, and then shared the strategy with others as a trader. Gate.io hereby reminds users: the platform strictly prohibits such acts of stealing the wisdom of others, and users with such behaviors will be identified as cheating. If the user who was found cheating for the first time will be degraded; if the same use who was found cheating for the second time will be disqualified from participating in copy trading and was exposed by the platform.

Personal customization strategy is also a kind of intellectual property rights, we will resolutely defend the interests of the original, resolutely resist plagiarism, cheating, counterfeiting and other illegal acts. Once we discover it, we will maintain the right to pursue the legal responsibility.
All copy trading users should be vigilant, support original strategies. If you find the above cheating, you can report it.
Report entrance: 1. Quant Telegram: https://t.me/Gateio_Copy_Trading
2. Quant Official e-mail: [email protected]

Gate.io is an established exchange that holds integrity, transparency, and fairness to a very high standard. We charge zero listing fees and only choose quality and promising projects. Thanks to everyone who has joined us in our journey. Let's fight counterfeiting together and maintain original strategies!

The Gate.io Team
July, 7th, 2022

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