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    Why Choose Gate.io To Do Future Copy Trading?

    Create Time:2022-07-05 03:49:44 UTCRead:5558

    Gate.io True data:

    According to the internal real data and external professional agency data, after the copy trading is live on Gate.io, it is expected that:

    1.The total amount of copy funds that can be absorbed goes up to $1800w+ in one month, and the cumulative funds can reach at least $200 million+ in a year.
    2.The head copiers can absorb at least $500,000 of copy funds, and lead traders can absorb $3000+ copy funds on average.
    3.The average copying time of the copiers is at least 137d+, and the copying time of the head copiers can reach 400d+
    4.The head lead trader can get the profit sharing of $1750+ per day, and the average lead trader can get the profit sharing of $530+ per day.

    The development and improvement of the platform
    Gate.io is one of the global trading platforms with the longest history and largest trading volume. Our strategy bot platform was created in 2020 with a complete product, and 1300+ supported trading pairs and 16+ strategy types. For traders or copiers, there is more room for choice.

    More funds, more users
    Compared with other platforms, we have far exceeded them in both the amount of funds and the number of copiers. According to the comparison between Gate.io and other similar trading platform in trading volume, the number of 24-hour clicks, and the user volume of the platform and other dimensions (the data source includes external professional evaluation agencies, internal data, etc.), we expect that the total amount of copy funds in the month after its launch can reach $18,000,000.
    Presently, the cumulative amount of funds in the Gate.io strategy has reached over 2.044 billion. Internal data shows that the current proportion of copy funds to capital disks is estimated at around 200 million. This number is important since copy trading has been live for almost one year.

    More good strategies, more profits
    Gate.io strategy bot platform has attracted many excellent strategy creators, with the most recent day data of the current contract strategy, the highest yield of the strategy has reached 380%+, and the yield of users who choose to copy can reach up to 630% after grasping the right entry time.

    Copier’s profile - According to the latest data from Gate.io, the lead traders can absorb over $500,000 in copy funds. A lead trader can absorb over $3000 in copy fundson average. Compared with other platforms (the data comes from external professional institutions), the amount of copy funds on Gate.io is10 times higher;
    Gate.io owns stable copiers. According to our latest internal data, the head copiers can copy up to more than 400d, and the average copying time can reach at least 137d.
    Higher and more flexible strategy profit-sharing
    Gate.io supports all strategy creators to set the strategy share percentage independently, which can be adjusted arbitrarily from 5%-30%; If you are confident enough in your strategy, you can set a higher share ratio to enjoy a higher share. For detailed operations, see: Quantify strategy share settings.

    If your strategy performs well, according to our current top strategy profit, copying and other data combined with the evaluation data of external professional institutions, you can absorb funds up to $500,000, with the daily share of at least $1750; If your strategy performs well, you can get share of at least $530 a day based on our internal and external professional platform data.

    Platform VIP service and support
    Gate.io has a professional operation team, we will create an exclusive backstage and special market support for you, including VIP exposure support, exclusive VIP activities, exclusive customer service Q&A and a series of rights and interests. Through our operation, you can effectively increase the exposure of your strategy, get more copies from users, and share more rewards.

    Note: Our estimates are based on real internal data, competitive platform data, and evaluation data from external professional bodies

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