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    Gate.io Copy Trading - Traders Guide

    2022-06-17 09:52:25 UTCRead:51645
    1. How to become a trader?
    1.1 The registration process
    Application conditions:
    <1> Owns a Gate.io account and completed KYC.
    <2>Apply to become a trader and sign the lead trader agreement. After signing, it will be reviewed by the backend. Once your application is approved, you will become an entry-level trader.
    Note1: The Lead Trader needs to note that the copier will copy the position change of the lead trader without considering the copy multiple, leverage system and single transaction constraints until the copier's copy funds are no longer available.
    Note2: The copy transaction is made according to the changes of the combined positions in logic, so the copier can only do one-way copying operations. It is recommended that the lead trader had better make a one-way transaction.

    Complete process:
    Go to the copy trading homepage> click “Be a Trader” > sign the trader agreement> Initialize the leading parameters> enable the copy.
    Specific Opereation Steps Explained
    <1>Click“Be a Trader”, and the pop-up box will display the content of the leading agreement

    <2>Agree to and sign the trader agreement

    <3>Enter the mode of “being reviewed”. The result will be returned within 5 working days.
    <4> Enter the copy trading-trader mode, you need to initialize the leading parameters to be a trader for the first time, after which you can start the leading trading.

    <5> After starting the leading trading, you can see the leading information in the ”Leading Mode”: including leading data, order information, profit sharing, copiers data, etc.

    <6> If you need to close the position, you can enter “Leading Mode'' page - click “close the position” in the list of Order Info - Leading, and the future will be closed positions at the market price immediately, and the orders being closed positions will be displayed in the historical orders.

    <7> If you want to check the profit situation, you can enter “Leading Mode” , then you can view the corresponding data in the profit sharing list.

    1.2 Trader's Margin
    The trader's margin is the USDT margin in the trader's future account. Traders can enter/exit the margin at any time.

    2. Trader levels description
    Trader levels include: entry-level, primary, intermediate, and advanced. Different levels correspond to different authorities in lead trading. After you apply to become a trader and your application is approved, you will become a primary trader. You can submit material in lead-trading management to apply for an upgrade. Currently, only upgrading from low-level to high-level is allowed, and a downgrade is not supported.

    The levels’ authority:

    Users can submit upgrade materials after your condition review is approved, and then get upgraded after being reviewed and approved iny the backend. The review time is expected to be within 5 working days. The hard conditions that need to be met for upgrade are as follows (you can get upgraded if all the conditions are met):

    The required materials are as follows:
    <1> Personal profile: This is required. Fill in personal information, with no more than 250 characters.
    <2> Brief Introduction to transaction background: Fill in the transaction background information, with no more than 250 characters. This is also required.
    <3> Social account: This is optional. Telegram, Twitter, with no more than 100 characters.
    <4> Screenshot of transaction return: This is required. Multiple pictures can be submitted, with supported formats of JPG, JPEG, PNG, whose maximum size should not exceed 2MB, with no more than 5PCS.
    *If the lead trader is disqualified by the platform due to cheating or illegal operation, the copy positions led by him will be closed at the market price immediately. Profits from copying will not be shared, but will be owned by the copier himself. If there is a loss, the platform reserves the right to investigate the role of the trader.

    How to upgrade?
    Complete process: Enter the “Leading Mode” page, then you can see the trader level below the user profile. If you meet the upgrade conditions, click “Upgrade”, and then fill in the corresponding upgrade information. After it’s approved in the backend, the upgrade will occur. The new leading benefit corresponding to the new level will take effect immediately.

    Specific steps:
    <1> Enter the mode of “Copy Trading-Trader”, click “upgrade”.

    <2>After clicking “upgrade”, first verify whether the upgrade conditions meet the standard. If yes, go to the next step to submit the upgrade material.

    <2> After submitting, it will be reviewed by the backend, and you will get upgraded automatically after the review is approved;

    3. Detailed instructions on how to perform lead trading

    3.1 Description of leading future
    The list of supported leading futures is as follows, which may be adjusted later according to the actual situation. After the trader's future position value (trader + copier) reaches the upper limit, the trader can continue to trade this future, but the user will no longer copy it. The user will continue to copy this future until its position value is lower than the upper limit.

    3.2 API Trading
    Position changes will be triggered if the trader use’s API trading, and users will also copy synchronously.

    3.3 Description of leading parameters
    You can set the led parameters in [Led by me - Leading Mode]. The items that can be set include: profit share, trading style label, trading market, and lead description, which will take effect immediately after saving;

    <1>. Profit-sharing: single choice, four levels of 8%, 10%, 12%, and 14% are available. Users are only allowed to choose the level that is less than or equal to the upper limit of their trader level, and options beyond the upper limit are not allowed.
    <2>. Trading style label: multiple choices (1-3), the system built-in options include: long-term, scalpers , high-frequency, low-frequency, aggressive, conservative;
    <3>. Trading market: multiple selections, at least one selected, you can select all. The data range is based on the top 20 futures in monthly trading volume, only the selected futures are allowed in lead trading, and the unselected futures cannot be traded. If there is a current position or entrusted order for the future, it cannot be canceled.
    <4>. Description of leading: This is required, with a maximum of 255 characters.

    3.4 Description of leading data
    ROI: the rate of return on investment.
    ROI Amount: cumulative total income amount, ROI Amount = account assets - principal.
    AUM: The current total asset management scale, that is, the sum of the total equity of the current copying users.
    Total assets: the sum of the total equity of the trader's future account.
    Maximum Draw Down: refers to the maximum drawdown value of the yield when the net value of the product reaches the lowest point when it is pushed back at any historical point in the selected cycle.
    Sharpe ratio: used to compare the volatility of portfolio returns that exceeds the risk-free rate with portfolio returns.
    Trades: one trade is completed when a future position drops to 0 after it is opened.
    Win Trades: complete a transaction and make a profit.
    Loss Trades: complete a trade without profit (loss or profit = 0).
    Win Rate: Winning rate = (number of profits/number of transactions) * 100%.
    Cumulative Copiers: the total number of cumulative copiers, a single user has copied the same trader N times, the statistics+N.
    Current copiers: the total number of users who are copying currently.

    3.5 How to check the copiers?
    Traders can view the data of copiers in [Leading Mode], and can view the current and historical copiers’ data, including the copying amount and return:

    3.6 Traders’ Risk Control Instructions
    <1> The future has an upper limit on the position value. When the total position value of the trader and his copiers reach the upper limit, the copier will no longer copy the future to open a position.
    [1] The upper limit of the value of BTC and ETH positions is 1,000,000 USDT for long and short positions separately.
    [2] The upper limit of the value of other future positions is 500,000 USDT for long and short positions separately.
    <2> The trader leverage can be customized according to the leverage range of the trading pair, and the user needs to specify the leverage multiple: the optional range of BTC and ETH is 1-20 times, and the other futures are 1-10 times.
    <3>Traders can choose to trade in the cross/isolated mode.

    3.7How to use the function of removing copiers

    The process: click [My Copy Trading - Copy Mode] - Tab of the Current Copiers- [Remove], click the [Remove] button to remove the current copiers, the specific logic is as follows:

    Click the pop-up box after removal, and the background will determine the removal result, which is divided into:

    Remove unsuccessfully: including the following situations: (1) the current copier is in loss, (2) there is currently a copying position, (3) there is a order which is partial/fully finished;

    Remove successfully: the current copier is in a non-loss state including profit and no copying earnings and no copying position, including the following situations: (1) no order, (2) there is a order but the transaction is not finished.

    After successful removal:
    Immediately remove this user from the copying list, if the copier already has a copy order, immediately cancel, stop copying this trader. Then the copy funds will return to the spot account of the copier.
    Trader: (1) Promp message on interface: "Remove successful";
    Copier: (1) Prompt message in platform notifications: "XXX is removed from the copying list by the trader";

    This function is used to safeguard the interests of traders and prevent users from viciously copying. Traders are advised to use this feature with caution and pay attention to the benefits of each copier!

    4. Profit-sharing

    A profit sharing will be carried out immediately after all the copied futures of a single copier are cleared. Before the profit-sharing, the profits of the original closed positions to be distributed to the traders will be frozen first, and the profits will be distributed after the futures are settled uniformly before 10:00 the next day. Total profit amount= Total win - total loss.
    If the copiers stop copying, it will be shared and settled immediately, and the remaining funds will be returned to the copier's spot account, and the trader's profit share will be distributed before 10:00 am the next day.
    Share Percentage: traders can adjust the share percentage at any time, within the scope of their trader level authority:
    <1> Increase: the original copiers are not affected, and the new copiers use the new share percentage to copy.
    <2> Decrease: both the original and new copiers use the new share percentage to copy.
    Profit sharing=∑ (profit and loss amount for a single future* share percentage); if the share profit > 0, it will be shared immediately but if the share profit < 0, it will not be shared, and the original frozen amount will be returned to the copiers’ account.

    5. Copy Trading-Traders-FAQs

    5.1 Why is there an inconsistency between the ROI of traders and the ROI of copiers?

    <1> The different deposit amounts between the trader and the copier will lead to a different ROI. If the copier has insufficient funds, he will be unable to follow the trader in the follow-up trades.

    The current logic of the copiers: the copier follows the position change of the trader for as long as his/her copy funds’ balance allows. If the previous operation/trade of the trader occupies all of the copier’s funds, the copier cannot follow the subsequent trades of the trader. Follow the link for more details: Special Copy Trading Notes - Traders.

    <2> If a trader has an open future contract position before the copiers copy him, and adds a position after the copy user has copied, there will be different costs for the copiers and the trader on this same future, and different income after the position is closed.

    <3> The copiers set the copy leverage in the copy parameters, which results in different income between the trader and a copier after the position is closed.

    <4> The leverage of the copiers and traders is inconsistent. Currently, considering risk control, the maximum leverage of future copiers is 20 times, while the maximum leverage of some future traders is 100x, and the inconsistency of leverage may lead to inconsistent benefits between the two.

    <5> Copiers used the copy multiplier, which refers to the multiple of the trader's position change. For example, if you set 10 times, the trader adds 10 futures and the copier will increase the position 10 * 10 = 100 futures, and the copy multiplier can be set between 0.01 and 100. It is recommended to set the copy multiplier according to the fund amount of copiers and the proportion of funds of traders. For example, when the interest of the traders is 1000usdt, and the copiers' fund is 100usdt, it is recommended to set the copy multiplier to 0.1 (100/1000), and the copier's fund is 5000usdt. The copy rate can be set to 5 (5000/1000=5).

    5.2 How is the ROI of a trader calculated?

    Calculation formula of total ROI Amount and ROI

    Initial account net value = balance available when it is created
    ROI Amount = Closing account net value (including unrealized profit and loss) - initial account equity (including unrealized profit and loss) + interval withdrawal - interval deposit
    ROI= ROI Amount / (Initial account net value + deposit) * 100%

    Calculation formula of 7-day ROI Amount and ROI

    Initial account net value=Account net value 7 days ago (including unrealized profits and losses)
    ROI Amount = Closing account net value (including unrealized profit and loss) - initial account equity (including unrealized profit and loss) + interval withdrawal - interval deposit
    ROI= ROI Amount / (Initial account net value + deposit) * 100%

    Details: https://www.gate.io/help/quants/copy-trading/27938

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