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    Gate.io Startup Free Offering: MiL.k (MLK) and Announcement of Free Distribution Rules (344,828 MLK free of charge)

    Create Time:2022-05-27 08:33:36 UTCRead:32055

    About Gate.io Startup Free Airdrop Program: In order to reward platform users, Gate.io launched the "Startup Project Free Airdrop Program." Free airdrops for excellent blockchain projects are launched in the Startup area from time to time. VIP and GT users can get a variety of tokens via airdrop benefits.

    Gate.io Startup will launch its next project, MiL.k (MLK), at 04:00 AM on May 30th (UTC), 2022.

    Startup Link: https://www.gate.io/startup

    Introduction to MiL.k (MLK)
    MiL.k is a rewards points integration platform that connects various services in the lifestyle, travel, and leisure sectors. On the MiL.k app, users can sell their existing rewards points for MiL.k token (MLK), which means they can combine different kinds of rewards into one asset. Utilizing the asset, MiL.k token (MLK), they can buy various rewards with discounts, and features like coupon payment and staking service are also available on the app. Users can download the MiL.k app both on Google Play and App Store. So far, the MiL.k app has earned over 1 million users, and its global expansion is starting in 2022!

    (The information below is provided by the MiL.k team. Please follow their website for more information)

    Token Information
    Token name: MiL.k
    Token symbol: MLK
    Max Supply: 986,245,419 MLK
    Token Type: LMT
    Token Contract:0x2D768b4ab787771631A28022092BF295d6F72D55
    Token Distribution and Unlocking Rules:
    *User Marketing: 13.1%
    Depends on the development
    *Liquidity for point transactions: 22.8%
    Not distributed
    *Long term reserve: 13.6%
    Not distributed for 3 years
    *Team&Advisor: 15.3%
    5 years vesting for team & 3 years vesting for advisor
    *Partner services: 23.4%
    More than 3 years vesting from the service launching with a partner
    *Private sale: 11.8%
    Vesting is done by the Aug. 2021, fully distributed

    Website: https://milkalliance.io/
    Whitepaper: https://milkalliance.io/dist/pdf/White%20Paper_Mil.k%20Alliance_v0.9.7.pdf
    Token Information:https://scan.luniverse.io/tokens/0x2D768b4ab787771631A28022092BF295d6F72D55

    MiL.k Alliance Startup Airdrop Rules
    (1) Duration: 04:00 AM on May 30th—04:00 AM on May 31st (UTC), 2022. (Orders placed by qualified users within these 24 hours will be treated equally.)
    (2) To participate in the Startup Airdrop, users will need to be VIP1 and above.
    (3) Price: $0; Reference Price: $0.45 ; Startup Supply: 344,828 MLK
    (4) Subscription limit: The maximum subscription limit for a single user is 1000 shares; the relationship between the VIP level and the maximum subscription allocation is:
    the maximum number of subscriptions (not the final actual subscription number) = the square of the VIP level multiplied by 10. For example:
    VIP2 users can subscribe up to 2 * 2 * 10 = 40 shares
    VIP3 users can subscribe up to 3 * 3 * 10 = 90 shares
    (5) Unlocking Rule: Unlock
    (6) Users place orders using USDT.
    (7) Users can place orders from 04:00 AM on May 30th—04:00 AM on May 31st (UTC), 2022. Orders placed by qualified users within these 24 hours will be treated equally.
    (8) Users need to ensure that there is sufficient balance (exceeding the purchase value) in accounts for the airdrop eligibility after placing the orders until we announce the airdrop result. An insufficient balance will result in the cancellation of the airdrop distribution.
    (9) Each type of currency can only be staked once with each KYC account.
    (10) After 04:00 AM(UTC) on May 31st, we will collect all the qualified orders and distribute the tokens according to the ratio of the individual USDT placing orders to all participation orders in total.
    (11) Trading starts time: 09:00 AM (UTC) on May 31st

    Gate.io Investment Participating Disclosure
    Gate.io Labs didn’t invest in MiL.k Alliance

    (1) Countries not supported: Afghanistan, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Burma, Canada, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Liberia, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine, United States of America, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.
    For users from other countries, please check and make sure that your participation in the token sale on Startup complies with local laws and regulations.
    (2) Risk Warning:
    - The project team does not guarantee that the token price will not be lower than its startup sale price. Please invest with caution, and don't invest beyond your financial capacity.
    - The start-up project is still in its initial stage, factors including the operation and underlying technology of the project, and other related regulatory activities might contribute to significant risks.
    - Advanced technical and financial knowledge is required to understand, and evaluate the inherent risks of crypto-asset investment.
    - The market volatility is high, and the price of a token might fluctuate drastically due to technical, regulatory, and marketing factors.
    - Users may not be able to withdraw all the purchased tokens due to technical issues of the project or Gate.io.
    (3) Requirements for participants
    - The participant should register on Gate.io and Log in;
    - After logging in, complete user identity verification;
    - Deposit a certain amount of cryptocurrencies in your gate.io account;
    - Sign the Purchase Agreement on Startup before placing orders.

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    Gate.io Team
    May 27th, 2022

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