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    Blockbuster News! Copy Trading Combo Indicator Update!

    Creation Time:2022-05-19 06:45:17 UTCRead:18636

    Dear Gate.io Users,

    We are pleased to announce that the function of "Combo Indicator- Spot" and “Combo Indicator- Contract” of the Copy Trading section is officially live!

    “Combo Indicator - Spot” Updates:
    Combo Indicator Strategy means that users can freely choose familiar technical indicators to create strategies with combination. Combo Indicator Strategy can’t be created until it is backtested.

    1.Parameter Configuration Of Indicator:
    Absolute profit with Updated Combo Indicator - Spot: after enabling, when the indicator reaches the condition of selling, the current price must be higher than the average price of the position before executing the selling order, otherwise it will continue to hold. After entering the absolute profit ratio, then when the indicator reaches the condition of selling, the current price must be higher than the average price of the position * (1 + absolute profit ratio) before executing the selling order, otherwise it will continue to hold. Absolute Profit Option: Optional

    Absolute Profit Ratio: Enable the absolute profit option and set absolute profit ratio of more than 0 (optional).

    Enable Protection Profit And Protection In Combo Indicator - Contract:
    when the profit reaches the set value of enabling protection profit, the protection is started. If the profit is drawn down to the set protection value, the system automatically forces it to close the position so as to protect the profit of the strategy.
    Start Protection Profit: Optional, enter a range of more than 0
    Protection: it’s required after protection profit is enabled, with the input range of more than 0, but less than enabling protection profit.

    2. Condition settings of Opening A Position:
    Each condition needs to be set with 5 options, namely K line cycle, initial entry volume, two technical index options and a comparison direction. As shown below:

    3. K Line Cycle:
    At present, the supported K-line periods are 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours, and 1 day.

    4. The First Entry Volumes:

    The current supported position percentage is 10%~100%.

    5. indicator options:
    At present, the supported technical indicators are MA, MACD, KDJ, numerical value, RSI, ROC, MFI, WILLR, CCI, ATR and other indicators, with Volume and ZigZag indicators newly added. After selecting the technical indicators, you can click the “Modify” button behind to modify the parameters such as the indicator period. As for numerical indicator, you can directly enter a specific numeric value.

    6. Comparison Options:

    Currently the supported comparison options are MACD, Greater Than, Less Than, Greater Than Or Equal To, Less than or Equal to, Equal to. When comparing policy runs, the results of the operation of Technical Indicator 1 are compared with the results of the operation of Technical Indicator 2.

    7. Multi-indicator Conditions

    After adding an indicator option, if you need to add the indicator conditions, you can directly click the "Add Conditions Of Opening A Position" button. As shown in the following figure:

    The multi-indicator conditions have been expanded from 3 to 15.

    8: Operating Conditions Of Indicator Combo
    When multiple technical indicators are combined into a running strategy, the combined indicators are connected by the operating conditions of the combined indicators, including
    "and", "or". If it is "and '', only when the previous indicator meets the comparison conditions will the operation conditions of the latter indicator be executed. Only when all of them meet the comparison conditions will the position be opened. If it is"or '', then if the previous indicator doesn’t meet the condition but the latter indicator meets the condition, the position will also be opened.
    "And": it will open or close positions if all the indicator comparison condition is true
    "Or": Positions will be opened or closed whenever there is a true indicator comparison condition.

    9:Conditions for adding positions:
    The condition setting for opening positions and adding positions are the same in operation, you can refer to the "" position opening conditions settings”.
    You can check Only add positions under the profit of the position, check this option, then after the conditions for adding the position are met, the position can only be added if the current position is profitable.

    10: Conditions for reducing positions:
    The condition setting for reducing positions are the same with opening positions in operation.

    11: Conditions for Closing Positions:
    The condition setting for closing positions are the same with opening positions in operation.

    You are welcome to join the Quant telegram group, and there are more event rewards waiting for you!

    Quant Telegram English Group: https://t.me/gateio_copytrading_global

    Quant Telegram Chinese Group: https://t.me/gateio_copytrading

    Copy Trading Home: https://www.gate.io/cn/strategybot

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