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    GateChain Mainnet Upgrade V1.1.3

    Create Time:2022-05-13 09:49:24 UTCRead:31754

    GateChain consensus version is upgrading to V1.1.3. All nodes that participate in the consensus need to upgrade the node binary before May 17, 2022. Please download the latest version and upgrade your node to avoid the consensus-account off-line.

    Scheduled upgrade date: 2022.05.17
    GateChain documentation: https://www.gatechain.io/docs/en/developers/gatechain-build/

    Change log:
    Upgrade the consensus version to v1.1.3.
    Upgrade Ledger snapshot.
    Gas fee recommendation and transaction sorting by gas price.
    Using signature cache to improve efficiency for EVM transactions.
    Optimisations on the subscri-ption push module.
    Power update by EVM staking is not timely.

    GateChain consensus upgrade:
    For an updated GateChain consensus version, If one consensus participating node uses the latest binary assembling block, it casts a vote for the network upgrade. When the number of votes exceeds the threshold after a certain voting round, the new protocol consensus will be adopted by the entire network. And any node that hasn't upgraded to the latest version yet will be unable to continue to participate in consensus

    GateChain-EVM、Hipo related resource links:
    Deploy Node:https://gatechain.io/docs/en/developers/gatechain-build/
    RPC node:https://gatechain.io/docs/en/integration/rpc-node-list/
    Eco Tools:https://gatechain.io/docs/en/integration/tool/
    User guide: https://gatechain.io/docs/en/integration/gateswap/
    GateSwap Contract:
    GateswapV2Factory: 0x98f7e29fc0Be0d4e6666972EAFB605155C8Fb8B5
    User guide:https://www.gatechain.io/docs/en/integration/gatebridge-use/
    Register Cross-chain Token:https://hipo.com/en/tokenmapping/
    Core principles:https://gatechain.io/docs/en/integration/gatebridge-principles/
    Metamask wallet configuration
    Network: GateChain
    RPC URL: https://evm.gatenode.cc
    Chain ID: 86
    Symbol: GT
    Block Explorer URL: https://gatescan.org/
    Request testnet EVM address GT token:https://gatescan.org/testnet/faucet
    EVM Wrapped GT Token Contract(WGT): 0x672f30407A71fa8737A3A14474ff37E09c7Fc44a
    Mainnet upgrade ChangeLog: https://gatechain.io/news

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    Gate.io Team
    May 13, 2022

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