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    Gate.io Blog:Crypto regulation prediction in 2022

    2022-03-22 02:38:07 UTCRead:20142

    【TL; DR】

    1. Why do legislators call for regulation?
    2. What regulations on cryptocurrencies do US lawmakers want to put in place in 2022?
    3. Three predictions for cryptocurrency regulation in 2022

    Regulators are responding to the rapid growth of cryptocurrency markets, but cryptocurrency exchanges must also build oversight into their infrastructure to ensure market integrity.

    2021 was the year that cryptocurrencies truly entered the mainstream. Previously foreign terms such as "bitcoin" and "NFT" entered the domestic lexicon, and news story after news story explored what these trends might mean for the future of investing, banking and the stock market. Legislators in the US and around the world have sometimes struggled to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape. Although one of the fundamental tenets of cryptocurrency is its decentralised and so far unregulated nature, lawmakers and government agencies have unveiled a series of policies and plans that they believe will protect investors and limit cryptocurrency-related crime.

    Regardless of their stance on the need for these regulations, it is clear that the evolution of the market will require investors to rethink their strategies and potentially change their behaviour to comply with new laws and government policies.

    For more information on the specific analysis process, please read this blog:Crypto regulation prediction in 2022

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