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How to Apply for INO on Gate.io

2022-03-17 06:08:02 UTC 33624
What is the INO
INO stands for Initial NFT Offering, which is an innovative product of Gate.io NFT Magic Box, covering NFTs in all categories, including artwork, collectibles, metaverse, music, film, and gaming.

Gate.io NFT Magic Box is the first centralized NFT offering platform in the world. It is dedicated to the development of NFT markets in the long term.

Gate.io reviews products strictly and provides a selection of NFT products for community review. NFT projects upvoted by the community will have chances to get grants.

Introduction to INO
INO is a new product of Gate.io NFT Magic Box, aimed to provide a fast NFT offering track for both NFT creators and potential investors. It is now gaining increasingly more attention from NFT projects.

INO can effectively solve challenges presented to NFT creators and artists. Artists can create NFTs to get high returns at a low cost on INO and take advantage of its high liquidity and active community.

How to apply for INO for your own project?
If you have your own NFT project, or you are an artist or content creator, you can request INO for your own project on Gate.io. Your submitted INO form will be reviewed by the Gate.io team in 5 business days.

Please complete this form to apply for INO: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/1031

Log in to your account on the Gate.io website. Go to "Offering/INO" under "NFT BOX" on the top menu bar.

On the "NFT MagicBox INO" page, scroll down to the "Apply for INO" section and click on the red "Apply for INO" button.

Complete the form according to the requirements and submit the form.

Find and create your own digital assets. If you have any specific ideas or requirements, please send an email to [email protected] to contact us.

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