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Gate.io ”Influencer Recruitment Posts“ Program #2 Is Getting A Lot More Exciting!

2021-12-07 11:44:00 UTCRead:79489

Gate.io launched the "Influencer Recruitment Posts" Program in October. We invited users who were keen to share their unique insights of the gate.io platform to join, to help make the crypto space more exciting. Now Gate.io has officially started the “Influencer Recruitment Posts" Program #2. Fill out the form below and you can become a Gate.io Influencer once the form is approved. Exclusive rewards are waiting for you!

Event Period: From Dec 8, 2021 to Dec 22, 2021 (14 days in total)

Registration Steps:
Fill in the form below. We will select candidates based on the form you submitted. We will send a notification email to the final “influencers” and add their telegram accounts for further communication and confirmation.

Form Link: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/1160?ch=formirp2

Applicant Conditions:
Give welcome to all Gate.io platform and cryptocurrency lovers, and people who are ready to share their opinions!

Reasons to Choose Gate.io:

1. The "Gate.io Influencer Recruitment Posts" program is based on the principle of voluntary registration; Gate.io will screen the information submitted by the applicants, and the eligible “influencers” will be notified by email and their telegram accounts will be added for further communication;
2. The number of applicants for this program is limited and will be selected from the application forms provided;
3. This activity is a long-term monthly cooperation program, which will be updated gradually depending on the situation;
4. Gate.io only supports the release of the author's original content, and plagiarism, reprint, and other violations are strictly prohibited; The shared content can not contain profanity, slander, insults, plagiarism, advertising, pornography, violence, or other undesirable content. (If this happens, users will not be included in the event).
5. Do not do anything or make any improper remarks that will damage the brand image of Gate.io.

Users must note that after logging in, gaining access to Gate.io, and then publishing content, it will be interpreted that all users have read and agreed with the rules, regulations, and disclaimers provided by Gate.io.
1. The objective of information being released by users of the Gate.io exchange is to create awareness. The content itself does not necessarily reflect the views of Gate.io. Gate.io only supports the release of the author's original articles, and the publisher is responsible for the legal liability of intellectual property infringement that may be caused by copyright infringement.
2. The content released by influencers does not constitute trading advice. There are risks with investing, so it is necessary to be cautious when entering the crypto market. Gate.io provides this platform for authors to express their views, which does not constitute agreement with the author's observations.
3. Some published content on Gate.io may have external links due to the author's references and recommendations. Gate.io is not responsible for the reliability of these websites or resource links and does not guarantee the authenticity and legitimacy of any content, products, services, or other materials obtained from these website links. Gate.io shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss (or alleged loss) caused by the use or trust of the content, products, services, or other materials obtained from such website or resource links.

Gate.io reserves the right of final interpretation to this recruitment program.

How to join “Real Trade”:

Mobile App version:

How to open an individual subscription:

Mobile App version:

Web version:

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Gate.io Team
December 7

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