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Watch Out for Scams Targeting Gate.io Users

2021-09-13 08:35:58 UTC 234162 Read

It has been reported that there are scammers who obtain Gate.io users' contact information (phone number, QQ number, email address, etc.) using illegal methods, reaching out to Gate.io users and claiming to be Gate.io staff. They make up false information and share dangerous links luring users to give away sensitive information on their accounts or even to transfer funds to scammers.

Most scam calls are made from Korean, American and HK numbers. False links shared by scammers can be assumed to be Gate.io official website by users who do not look closely enough, due to high similarity. Scammers' mail addresses can also be forging Gate.io official email addresses ([email protected] example). Sending false emails to users to commit fraud is very easy and convenient to do for scammers, but there is never a shortage of people falling for such tricks.
Click to learn more about email_ How spoofing works.

Gate.io hereby warns all Gate.io users: Please stay vigilant to any suspicious calls, online messages, text messages, emails, etc.

Common scams

"Our has detected black money transactions in your account" "The window for lowering the risk level of your account is open now" "Our is going to initiate a security upgrade at xxx (time) on xxx (date), which can lead to asset loss due to data abnormalities. Please withdraw all of your assets to wallet" "Your order needs to be verified. Please visit this link within the time window to cancel" "We are the Risk Control Center of Gate.io. Your account is at high risk level" "We need you to cooperate and lower the risk level of your account" "You need to install Agora for video verification" "Please provide your email address, so that we can send you an email to lower the risk level of your account"

Please be reminded:

●Gate.io staff will NEVER ask for your passwords, SMS verification codes, email verification codes, nor request you to download any app, or to make private transfers and withdrawals.Do not click on any links in messages or emails from unknown senders.

●Do not answer any calls without the caller's number displayed. Do not share your account information, verification codes with strangers or any third party. Be sure to protect your own personal information.

●If you are requested to pay any fees or make transfers in phone calls, online messages and text messages, please do not listen and do not do comply with such requests. In case you realize that you have been scam after transferring the money, please keep the transfer history, gather all evidence and call the police.

●If you receive any suspicious text messages, phone calls or emails, please confirm with our online customer service agent in a live chat, or submit a ticket. You can also confirm if a URL is safe or not by using Verification Search on Gate.io website.

Gate.io has been committed to escort users' journey to cryptocurrency, but some scam tricks are still quite difficult to recognize. We would like to remind you that Gate.io will never take the initiative to send emails to ask you to pay any fees, such as listing fees and deposits!

In addition, you can go to Gate.io's official website, communicate directly with our staff through various official channels (Twitter, live chat, tickets etc.), or use the official verification search of Gate.io: https://www.gate.io/officialverify .
(If you have received scam emails that are sent from phishing email addresses resembling Gate.io official email addresses . Some phishing email addresses may even pass as official contact channels of Gate.io, but please don’t believe them. If you encounter emails asking for sensitive information or fund transfers, you can contact our customer service in a live chat or submit a tickect for verification and inquiries.)

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