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Guide to Push Transaction (on web)

2021-09-06 09:18:25 UTC 82624

Gate.io's new feature - Push, allows peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions and trading. Through Push, users are able to trade directly with each other on their own terms, which makes cryptocurrency trading easy and convenient. Once a transfer is made, no further confirmation or verification is required. For safety reasons, users must make sure that the transfer quantity and total payment are filled in correctly before confirming the transfer.

How to conduct transactions through Push (on website):

1.Log into your Gate.io account. Click "Wallet" - "Funds Management" - "Push Transfer" on the top-right navigation bar.

2.On the "Create Push" page, fill in Peer UID, Peer account (the receiver's phone number or email), transfer currency and amount, and accepted currency and quote. Then click "Confirm transfer".

3.Then you will see a pop-up window showing details of the transfer. Double-check the information and click "OK" if all is correct. Then enter the fund password and submit it.

4.You may check the details of the transfer by clicking "Order" - "Classic Account" - "Push Transaction" on the top-right navigation bar. If you want to cancel the transfer, just click the "Cancel" button in the transaction record. The locked-up funds will be returned to your spot account.

5.The receiver may check the details of the transfer under the "Transferred To Me" tab, and may choose to receive or refuse the transfer by simply clicking the appropriate button. If he/she refused, the locked-up funds will be returned to your spot account.

Push handling fee: 0.2%


1. Double-check the recipient's UID and account information to avoid transferring funds to a wrong recipient.
2. Double-check transfer quantity and quote to avoid unintended loss.
3. The transaction details can be viewed in "My Transfer" when the transfer is completed. The BTC will be transferred to the recipient's account, and you'll receive the corresponding USDT.
4. If the recipient rejects your transfer or you cancel it, the locked fund will be returned to your account.

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