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Gate.io’s New Event: Begin Liquidity Mining & Earn Infinite Profits!

2021-07-16 09:29:28Read:131682

Gate.io’s Liquidity Mining products have been listed since June 2021 and received widely favorable reactions. The number of liquidity pools is still increasing. In response to users’ enthusiasm, Gate.io has started a new event, “Begin Liquidity Mining & Earn Infinite Profits!” Welcome to enjoy yourself!

Event Duration
July 16th 10:00 UTC -- July 23rd 10:00 UTC, 2021 (7 days in total)

Bonus 1. Sharing Match: Come & Earn Valuable NFT works

Event Participants
Users who have never joined Gate.io’s liquidity mining.

Event Rules
Participants who finish the following tasks during the event can obtain a lottery chance.

- Accomplish one liquidity mining transaction with a trading volume of over 500 USDT
- Take a screenshot of “the first transaction” and share it on social media (Twitter, Moments of Wechat, etc.)
- Take a screenshot of the sharing page, return to this page and fill in the form (Participate)

Event Rewards

Bonus 2. Daily Liquidity Mining Match: Join & Earn Special Rewards

Liquidity Mining limited prize pool has opened. Participants can earn GT special rewards by joining the liquidity mining of specific cryptocurrencies.
Currently, Gate.io has opened 45 liquidity pools with the total reward volume reaching as high as 6,000 GT. For more information, please refer to: https://www.gate.io/liquidity

1. Rewards will be issued to the wallet account of the winners within 14 working days after the event ends. These funds can be viewed in "Funds Overview - Billing Details". The reward point cards are valid for 15 days.
2. This activity is only available to users with valid identity verification. An identified user can only use one account to participate, and sub-accounts will not be used as separate accounts to participate in the activity.
3. In order to protect the interests of all participants and remain fair in the activity, Gate.io strictly prohibits cheating in events. Once found, the offending users would be directly disqualified.
4. Rewards of Bonus 1 and 2 can be gained together; participants are qualified only after filling in the event form.
5. The 300 USDT worth of NFT works in Bonus 1 will be online NFT works designated by the platform. It cannot be converted into an object. The winner can choose to convert it into equivalent tokens.
6. Risk warning: Please note that cryptocurrency trading is very volatile and unpredictable and subject to the change in the market, policies, and other factors. Thus, please pay attention to the market risk and trade carefully.

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Gate.io Team

July 16, 2021

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