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    Coin Price 24h %
    Back To Listing Vote #67 - vidyx(VIDYX), 350,000 VIDYX Giveaway

    Create Time:2020-12-07 13:02:21 UTCRead:105397

    VIDYX Bonanza week starts December 7th 11:00 UTC to December 14th 11:00 UTC. The 350,000 VIDYX giveaway benefit is waiting for you!

    Activities include:
    1、Vote for VIDYX to enjoy a 330,000 VIDYX airdrop
    Voting time: December 11th 04:00 UTC to December 12th 02:00 UTC
    In this round of voting, if VIDYX gets 10 million votes, will list VIDYX for USDT trading. Users who participate in the vote can share a total of about 330,000 VIDYX airdrop rewards.
    Voting channel link:

    2、10,000 VIDYX Twitter Giveaway
    From now on, we will start a 7-day 10,000 VIDYX Twitter Giveaway event to complete forwarding and following tasks and get lucky draw opportunities. After the event, we will draw 20 people from them and will give 500 VIDYX .
    Click to participate: (Coming Soon)

    3、VIDYX Telegram AMA, 5,000 VIDYX Giveaway
    We will launch the VIDYX Telegram AMA activity in the near future, inviting VIDYX project personnel to visit the Telegram group. During the Q&A period, 5,000 VIDYX airdrop benefits will be given out. Details of the event will be on Twitter and Telegram announced, so stay tuned! has implemented a new feature called "listing vote," offering even more opportunities to launch high-quality projects.
    In our listing votes, participants can vote for the project at hand. If the project attains the targeted votes after the vote, its tokens will be listed on All voters have a chance to win an airdrop of the project token according to the ratio of the votes they contributed to the number of votes in total. Additionally, there will be a referral airdrop event along with the listing vote. Users can win an airdrop of the project token via our referral program.

    1.Voting Schedule:
    Voting Period: From 11th December 04:00 AM—12th December 02:00 AM

    2. Voting and Listing Rules: will list VIDYX_USDT pair if VIDYX gets 10 million votes in the voting round. And all users who vote in this round will share a portion of the 330,000 VIDYX airdrop reward pool.

    To vote, please visit:
    Deposit VIDYX at

    Project Introduction

    ViDYX is a new super token launching of Vidy project on the TRON blockchain that will revolutionize how the ownership of data is judiciously brokered, consummated, and uted on the web. Vidy is creating the Vidy platform 一 a decentralized, distributed video-ad platform, built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The Vidy platform offers, inter alia, the following features.
    (1)A video can be inserted into the text of a site (a"vidy"),which allows users holding down on the linked text to reveal the supporting video.
    (2)Smart contracts containerise user data for secure and private target marketing when miners are making a real-time determination of where and when to place an advertisement.
    (3) Greater access to the platform's functions is offered when advertisers stake the Token.
    Whitepaper: Listing Vote Scheme

    1. Eligible participants: all GT holders on , 1 GT=1 vote

    2. Vote allocation: For every participant, their vote equals the average 14-day GT holding including assets in Lending/Borrowing Market, and the GT bought with USDT borrowed from Margin Trading.However, GT borrowed from Margin Trading is not allowed. The users' votes will be calculated based on the average 14-day GT holding within two hours after the listing vote. Thus, please don’t make any changes to your GT holding before the counting of the votes.

    For example, Bob is a new GT holder, and he buys and holds 14000GT one day before the sale. Therefore, his average 14-day GT holding will be 1000GT 14000GT/14 days, and he will have 1000 votes.

    3.Governance currency: GT only. Every participant going through identity verification can vote based on their GT holding.

    4. Voting result: If the project gets 10 million votes, the project wins and will be listed at

    5. Voting result announcement: After the voting has ended, we will distribute a reward to voters and we will announce when trading, withdrawal, and deposits are enabled.

    6. Reward:
    (1) Airdrop reward: airdrop reward of the winning project will be distributed to voters pro rata after voting.

    7. Others
    (1) Cheating: If any account is detected or reported as cheating and this has been confirmed after our investigation, will invalidate the votes of the account. If any account is caught cheating up to 3 times, the account will no longer be eligible to take part in the Listing Vote on

    Please note:
    1. The reward will be issued to the wallet account within 7 working days after the end of the event, which can be viewed in "My Funds-My Billing Details".
    2. The user's net deposit amount is calculated based on ( deposit amount-withdrawal amount) (excluding internal transfers).
    3. The activity is limited to users with verified Identity Verification, and you must complete the Identity Verification procedure to be able to invite friends. A user with verified Identity Verification can only use one account to participate.The sub-account does not participate in activities as an independent account, and the sub-account data is included in the total deposit.
    4. The above activities can be repeated.
    5. During the event, cheating is strictly prohibited. Once discovered, the qualification will be cancelled directly.
    6. Risk warning: Users must pay attention to the fact that currency tradings are affected by many factors such as the market and policies, and the market fluctuates greatly, The ups and downs are unpredictable, please pay attention to market risks and trade with caution. reserves the final right to interpret this activity. is an established exchange of integrity, transparency and fairness. We charge zero listing fee and only choose quality and promising projects. We keep improving and innovating to return our users support.
    Get 30% commission from referrals at

    Sign up :
    Download it now at:

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    Medium: Team
    December 7th, 2020
    10,000 VIDYX Giveaway
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