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GateChain Development Update II: November 2020

2020-11-30 21:40:30Read:13181

Characterized by high decentralization and asset safety, GateChain has been performing outstandingly as a high-performance infrastructure for smart contract and DeFi applications.

Shortly after its mainnet launch on June 8th, 2020, GateChain’s PoS mining program was released, allowing everyone to build nodes and participate in PoS mining on GateChain. Showcasing innovative safety features (missing private key recovery and asset theft protection), GateChain’s mainnet achieves a processing capacity of over 2000 TPS (transactions per second).In other words, it can process up to 0.17 billion transactions per day. GateChain is a highly decentralized chain, supporting thousands of consensus nodes, allowing anyone to participate in PoS mining as a super node or by delegating their GT to a super node. It uses algorithms that can prevent risks posed by quantum computing of Grover and Shor algorithms, and factors in a node loyalty coefficient to further enhance the PoS safety. Within its incentive mechanism, GateChain innovates so as to effectively enhance the degree of decentralization.
Since the launch of the GateChain mainnet, we have been continuously upgrading the mainnet protocol. As our development work has progressed quickly, we are regularly releasing the development update to keep you posted. Currently, our focus has been on cross-chain, smart contracts, and DeFi. Below you can find what we have been working on as of late:

1. GateChain-EVM

1.1 Conducted joint debugging and testing on messages called by the evm contracts, and made a few fixes.
1.2 Integrated Account module interfaces into GateChain.
1.3 Defined what the evm account activation, account creation and cross-platform operations are.
1.4 Handle contract compiling and online, contract triggering and calling, contract ution and IO optimization
1.5 Further confirm which GateChain evm interfaces will be made available publicly; finish operational instances.
1.6 Adjust the compatibility of REST services and complete functionalities around contract deployment and implementation.

2. Cross-Chain
2.1 Ethereum Cross-Chain Contract
Contract is finished and more debugging work on the contract is underway. This contract includes functionalities that allow validators to store, transfer in/out ERC20 tokens.
2.2 ETH Cross-Chain Validation
a) Listening to Events on the cross-chain contract—Finished
6) Switching to the local data storage solution to enhance performance-- we have finished the logic and will do more tests later.
2.3 The Design of Relay Chain
2.3.1.Debugging to grpc reliance has finished.
2.3.2 Added cli query interface to the relay chain.
2.3.3 Finished cross-chain message confirmation process.
2.3.4 cli interfaces for cross-chain sending have finished. But as it requires the signature of sign a real cross-chain message, the data is still using test data.
2.3.5 Finished cross-Chain declaration message.

2.4. GateChain Cross-Chain Staking
2.4.1 Added CrossChainStaking message type and related processing logic
2.4.2 Continue improving the staking module, mainly in the following area:
a) Complete functionalities to create validator cross -chain
b)Complete validator message update on the blockchain

Once we finish cross-chain and smart contract on GateChain, the new features will be enabled on HiPo ( to provide high performance through defi platform. Hipo has been providing swap and yield farming based on Ethereum, as well as hardware wallets services. More functionalities and features are being rolled out. is an established exchange that holds integrity, transparency, and fairness to a very high standard. We charge zero listing fees and only choose quality and promising projects. Our exchange consists only of 100% real trading volume. Thanks to everyone who has joined us in our journey. We always intend to improve and innovate to reward our users for their continuous support. Team
November 30, 2020

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