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Deposit and Trade Uniswap (UNI) To Win 70,000 Dollar Equivalent Rewards

2020-09-18 22:27:48Read:82356 is currently holding a "Deposit and Trade Uniswap (UNI)" competition. We have a pool of 50,000 USDT equivalent rewards for users who deposit and 20,000 USDT equivalent rewards for users who trade. Read the following to learn more.

Competition Period
From September 18th, 15: 00 UTC to September 25th, 15:00 UTC (7 days in total)

Competitions & Rewards

Deposit Competition: Deposit UNI to share a 50,000 USDT equivalent rewards

Each user with net deposits of 400UNI or above during the competition period may win a reward of 50 USDT equivalent Gate io Points( valid for 30-days). The rewards will go to the first 1000 users on a first-come, first-served basis. The net deposit is calculated by the following formula: net deposit= (deposits-withdrawals) Note: transfers between accounts are not regarded as valid deposits.

Trading Competition: Trade UNI to share a 20,000 dollar equivalent rewards
During the competition period, top 200 traders by net trading volume (volume should be no less than 3000 USDT) will be awarded the following GT rewards:

1)The First Prize : 2500 GT (about 1450 USDT equivalent)
2)The Second Prize:1200 GT (about 700 USDT equivalent)
3)The Third Prize:600 GT (about 350 USDT equivalent)
4)The remaining 197 winners: share the 17,500 equivalent gATE.IO Points pro rata to their trading volumes. (Points valid for 30 days)

Net Trading Volume:
*1)We give the volume during the competition a so called time wight, the earliest trading has the most weight.
Net volume = (buy volume+ sell volume) x a time factor
in which, the time factor declines linearly, 1.2 at the beginning, and 1.0 at the end of the competition.
2) As users of different VIP tiers have different trading fee costs, we will multiply the trading volume by (effective trading fee/VIP16 trading fee) to offset the trading fee cost differences.
3) As users with referral have trading fee revenue, we will further normalize the trading volume based on whether they have referrals or not to offset the trading fee cost differences

Reward Distribution
Rewards will be credited to winner’s exchange account within 7 days after the end of the campaign. You will be able to view it at “My Wallet”—“My Billing Details”

*Important Notice
1.Trading volume only refers to crypto-to- crypto spot trading and margin trading.
2.The competitions are for verified users only. Subaccount itself can not participate as an independent account and its deposits or trading will contribute to that of its master account.
3. will disqualify any account that is found to be cheating, such as market manipulation, wash trading, accounts bulk registration, etc reserves the final right to interpret this activity

Risk warning: Cryptocurrencies are high-risk, speculative investments, susceptible to impact from market, policy and other factors. Please be aware of the risks involved and make investment decision with caution. has already added UNI perpetual contract (with USDT as margin) and UNI margin trading and ETFs. Yesterday's lending interest rate saw an APR up to 73%.

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September 18, 2020

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