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As DeFi has become one of the wildest topics in crypto together with the high annualized interest rate of liquidity mining, announced on September 2nd that it would take out $20 million USD worth of blockchain assets for DeFi liquidity mining. All earnings will be distributed to our users entirely, especially GT holders. will not charge any additional fees. Check out more details at

Under this idea, launched two rounds of " GT Lock-up & Earn - DeFi Liquidity Mining". Both were sold out within mere minutes after the launch.

To cater to user demand, will be launching another round of GT Lock-up & Earn, starting on the 10th of September, 4:00 AM GMT. The total amounts to be locked are 10 million GT, with an annual interest rate of 50% to 200%. The mining rewards will be distributed on a daily basis. For example, on September 3rd, users with a 100,000 GT holding can win a mining reward of $80 USD in CRV.

In this "GT Lock-up & Earn - DeFi Liquidity Mining," users' GT collateral holdings will be calculated based on their "referral points." The details are listed below:

1) will uate and mark accounts based on their referrals over the past 30 days
2) The uation includes the KYC, deposits, and VIP tiers of the referee via referral
3) If any cheating is detected, the account will no longer be eligible to participate in the event
4) The GT collateral holding of the referrer is the combined points of those being referred by him/her

e.g. User B and User C register to under the referral of User A. User B is a professional trader who obtains 5,000 points, while User C only gets 1,000 points. In this situation, User A, User B, and User C have a GT collateral holding of 6,000 GT, 5,000 GT, and 1,000 GT.

Increase your GT collateral holdings in the affiliate program at

Participate in GT Lock-up & Earn - DeFi Liquidity Mining #3 in the following ways:

Web Users:

Mobile Users: Markets>>HODL & Earn


The DeFi explosion might indicate the presence of a big bubble. Due to the high market capitalization of DeFi projects, the annualized interest rate of liquidity mining is extremely high at the moment. However, with the market cooling down in the future, the price will drop to a decreased level, which might lead to the decline of mining profits. Please be aware of the related risks.

Trading Rules

1. Token to be locked up: GT

2. Zero handling fee

3. Annual interest rate of around 50%-200%

4. Start on 04:00 AM GMT September 10th, 2020

5. Principals will be distributed after the lock-up period; interest will be distributed on a daily basis and obtained through the liquidity mining token, such as CRV, SUSHI

6. End on 06:00 AM GMT October 8th, 2020

7. Users' GT holding will not be affected if they participate in the "GT Lock-up & Earn." They are eligible to participate in campaigns and events held by the platform as usual. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fees, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guaranteed and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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Sep 3, 2020

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