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AMA Announcement of DOS

2020-08-15 10:08:53Read:23254

For our users to become even better accustomed to new projects we have listed or IEOs we have hosted, we are hosting AMAs on a regular basis.

It’s AMA time. From MS-DOS in 1981, let’s fast-forward to DOS Network in 2020. DOS Network is a Layer-2 Decentralized Oracle Service Network for Multiple Blockchains. And if that sounds like a mouthful, please do attend our next AMA with the Business Development Director of DOS Network, Tommaso Jodice. Our CMO Marie Tatitbouet is ready as ever to ask Tommaso all about how he and the entire team behind the project intend to solve “the Oracle problem.” According to DOS Network, they intend to bring real-world data, event, and computation power to smart contracts in a secure, reliable, efficient, and scalable way. Let’s find out how!

17/8/2020, at 16:00 PM GMT


Introduction to DOS

DOS Network is a chain-agnostic layer 2 decentralized oracle network that offers realtime data feeds and verifiable computation power to mainstream blockchains. It connects on-chain smart contracts and Ðapps with off-chain data sources and unlimited computation power, enabling smart contracts with more real world use cases.

Besides the widely-discussed scalability problem, currently there are another two big issues hindering the widespread adoption of smart contracts and large-scale commercial Ðapps:

Blockchain is a closed and deterministic and the ution of a given smart contract in all validating nodes must reach a unanimous result, otherwise consensus is broken. This is an inherent limitation of blockchain consensus mechanism. Thus, smart contracts are not allowed to perform network I/O operations with off-chain world, they can only consume input from on-chain states and transaction data.

There are a lot of on-chain resource limitations such as the expensive storage cost and computation constraint (gas limit, cpu time limit, etc.), preventing complex computing in smart contracts.

The mission and value of DOS Network is to solve these two problems to enrich smart contracts and decentralized economy with real world data and more computing power, paving the way for the mass adoption of blockchain.

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August 15th, 2020
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