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2020-07-28 12:17:48Read:42751

To define the final denomination of its native DOT (IOU) token, Polkadot initiated a vote on its community two weeks ago. Now the results have come out (head over to to learn more details)!

Among the four options (no change, split of 10X, split of 100X, and split of 1000X), the community vastly favours a New DOT (IOU) denomination which is defined as 10,000,000,000 Planck or, put alternatively, a “stock-split” of the original, old DOT (IOU) by one hundred. Specifically, of the 2.86 million DOT (IOU) that cast a vote, 2.47 million DOT (IOU) (that’s 86%) voted in favour of this split. Only around 120 thousand (that’s 4%) voted to keep the old denomination.

It’s expected that DOT (IOU) transfers will begin at block #1,205,128, on the 18th of August, and that Polkadot’s 'Denomination Day' will be the 21st of August. Specifically, it will be at block #1,248,328.

As DOT (IOU) has been listed on, we will follow Polkadot’s decision to support the DOT (IOU) split of 100X.

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July 28, 2020

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