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20K GT Giveaway—7-Day Spot & Futures Trading Contests

2020-06-23 10:39:43Read:52133

The ‘Spot & Futures’ Trading Contests will last for a week, with one contest every day and four independent ranking lists for each contest. Users with over 100 USDT in profits are able to participate. There will be 60 winners each day and totally 420 winners in 7 consecutive days. All users have a chance to participate and share the 20K GT rewards!

Participants need to enable the "Trading" function to join (profits will not be taken into account if the function is not enabled). has released Android App (2.6.4) and iOS(2.4.8)with a feature of Trading, please check out here:

Download it now at: (existing users should update to the newest version from the left side menu, new users update from the left side menu after downloading the app)

Scan and download at:

How to Join Real Trade:

GMT 12:00 AM, June 23rd, 2020 - GMT 12:00 AM, June 30th, 2020; lasting for 7 days, with independent contests and rankings for each day.

Every day after GMT 04:00 AM, the contest (of the previous 24 hours) will be concluded and users will be ranked (rewards will be distributed the next day).

There will be four ranking lists every day (Spot A, Futures A, Spot B, Futures B). Users with profits between 100 USDT and 1,000 USDT will be ranked into Spot A or Futures A; users with profits more than 1,000 USDT will be ranked into Spot B or Futures B. Rewards for each ranking list of every contest:

Spot A/Futures A
The first place: 150 GT
The second place: 100 GT
The third place: 50 GT
Top 4-20 winners: 10GT Each

Spot B/Futures B
The first place: 380 GT
The second place: 280 GT
The third place: 100 GT
Top 4-10 winners: 28 GT Each

Rules are as follows:
1. During the contest, users making use of Spot trading, BTC settled Futures trading and USDT settled Futures trading and with "Trading" function enabled, are deemed as successful participants in the contest. Spot and Futures trading will be ranked separately.
2. There will be four ranking lists every day (Spot A, Futures A, Spot B, Futures B). No token limits on Spot trade; profits of BTC settled Futures and USDT settled Futures will be added up to rank in Futures ranking lists.
3. During the contest, the amount of funds transferred is subject to restrictions. No leverage limits on Futures (leveraged 1-100 is applicable). The minimum profit is 100 USDT, ranked according to profit ratio (profit totals/principal totals).
4. There has to be at least one valid Futures transaction, and no more than 60 (transactions revoked before they are settled are not counted).
5. Users can participate in Spot and Futures rankings at the same time. Rewards will be added up.

Bob's Spot trade profit is 100 USDT during the time GMT 04:00 AM June 23rd - GMT 04:00 AM June 24th. The profit ratio is ranked the third place in Spot A; his Futures trade profit is 1,000 USDT, ranking second place in Futures B. Therefore, Bob will receive a total reward of 50GT + 280GT = 330GT.

Please note that

1. Spot profits ranked in the contest will be the added up total of all Spot trades; Futures profits ranked in the contest will be the added up totals of BTC settled Futures and USDT settled Futures (including unrealized profit & loss, realized profit & loss, fees, and cost).
2. Principal totals = initial total amount in the account at the beginning of the contest (including unrealized profit & loss) + funds transferred in during the contest.
3. To maintain a fair competition, will disqualify winners with irregular trading patterns, and the bonus will be rewarded to the next available winner. Users will be rewarded if they report any wash trade of other users. If it is verified that users have committed a so-called wash trade, they will be disqualified.
4. Aiming to lower possible risks by locking in future prices, perpetual contracts enable investors to make profits by selling digital assets short or long. Unlike other derivatives, perpetual contracts have no expiration date. Please be aware that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile for a plethora of reasons.
5. Please kindly try the mock trading area for more information about perpetual contracts.
BTC settled Futures Trading:
USDT settled Futures Trading:

Trade Here (please enable "Trading" first):
Spot Trade: please go to "Spot Trade" under "Trade"

Futures Trade: please go to “Perpetual Contract”under "Derivatives" or check out here:
USDT settled Futures Trading:
BTC settled Futures Trading: is a trading platform that does not charge listing fees, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guaranteed and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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June 23, 2020

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