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About Gate.io "Blue Check"

2020-06-15 04:10:32 UTC 540913 Read
What the "Blue Check" Badge Means
In order to improve user experience in Gate.io's P2P trading section, encourage and maintain trust between regular users and merchants, and also promote a safe, credible, smooth and friendly trading experience for all users, Gate.io gives a blue Verified badge to merchants with good trading history and reputation. Qualified merchants will be displayed with the "Blue Check" badge on order lists, to indicate that they are recommended and recognized by Gate.io.

1. Must complete KYC1 and KYC2 and have a VIP level of 3 or above.
2. Must meet Gate.io's financial requirements for OTC.
3. In the past three months, no Gate.io P2P users have reported any account status abnormality due to your fault, unreasonable cancellation of orders and other malicious behaviors of yours.
4. Commitment to conduct strict KYC and anti-money laundering (AML) audits on transaction parties.
5. In the last three months, your user satisfaction rate has been 80% or above.

"Blue Check" Privileges
1. An eye-catching blue "V" badge will be displayed right next to your name on order lists.
2. When there is a delay in order processing due to user's fault, if the transaction amount is within the coverage of the merchant's margin, Gate.io's customer service will immediately complete the transaction for the verified merchant.
3. Exclusive one-to-one services and free training.
4. Quick response to your feedback and suggestions.
5. Gifts: Exclusive high-quality merch and birthday gifts (Note: Only for verified merchants above VIP8)
6. Deposit and withdrawal limits: If you are confident about the security of your own account, you can contact your exclusive customer service agent to increase the limits (after verifying your identity).

If any of the following occurs, a merchant will be disqualified and lose the "blue check" badge.
•The merchant gets 7 warnings within 30 days.
•The merchant does not cooperate with the customer service agents to process orders or deliberately delays the processing of orders.
•The merchant contacts users through other channels outside Gate.io to charge extra fees.
•The merchant posts advertisements in group chats and spread false information about Gate.io.
•The merchant verbally abuses, threatens other Gate.io users, or has other aggressive behaviors.

How to Apply to Become A Verified Merchant
If you meet all of the requirements (listed above) to become a verified merchant with the blue check badge, please fill out this form https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/730. Your application will be reviewed in 7 business days and if approved, there will be a blue check badge on your account.

Figure of the blue check badge:

Rules for Verified Merchants
Merchants should always respond to requests in a timely fashion and offer good service to regular users. Merchants must never perform any kind of malicious or fraudulent acts or arbitrarily cancel orders. Good merchants should always ensure fast payment, fast release, high satisfaction rate, low cancellation rate and high completion rate.

1. Be responsible for your own orders, confirm the price and quantity of each order before posting them. When you must leave your operating device, please go offline or cancel the order in time. When re-posting an order, please check the current market price.
2. Please familiarize yourself with the regulations of various payment methods to be able to efficiently complete orders within the valid time.
3. When collecting money as a seller, please check the amount and KYC information in a timely manner, and release coins quickly. When paying as a buyer, please complete the transfer in time.
4. Feel free to contact customer service or file a complaint at any time when there is a problem or conflict.
5, Have a good sense of service. Always respond to requests in a timely, polite manner.

Inspections on Verified Merchants
Gate.io conducts inspections from time to time. If a verified merchant is found to violate the above rules, or users' complaints about a merchant's poor service, malicious or fraudulent behaviors are found to be valid, or when a user's card gets frozen due to a merchant's fault, Gate.io has the right to immediately remove the merchant's "Blue Check" badge.

Interest Protection Scheme for Frozen Funds in OTC Trading
Gate.io OTC P2P trading platform conducts the most strict KYC and deposit and withdrawal verification. Its "T+1" withdrawal scheme effectively helps block the inflow of illegal funds. As the first OTC platform in this industry to implement T+1, Gate.io provides users with maximum funds security.

Notably, some merchants may be trading on multiple platforms and might bring risks of other platforms to Gate.io. To further improve users' P2P trading experience on Gate.io OTC, we will provide an interest protection scheme in case of funds getting frozen. If OTC users' (not merchants') bank accounts are temporarily frozen during OTC trading on Gate.io, we will provide 5% annual interest for up to 180 days and 10,000CNY per person for eligible orders as a protection plan. Details of the interest protection scheme:

1. Only targets ordinary Gate.io OTC users with a "Blue Check" merchant as counterparty, excluding traders and merchants who conduct fiat currency transactions frequently.

2. Only targets users whose funds are frozen for half a year or more, excluding those whose accounts are unfrozen automatically after 3-7 days;

3. Users will need to have judicial authorities prove that their receiving accounts are frozen caused by merchants paying the user; or the judicial authority issues a writ to Gate.io for viewing order details.

4. The user's receiving account has been frozen for nearly 3 months, and the user is only conducting transactions on Gate.io's P2P platform, so that the possibility that the user's account is frozen caused by trading on other platforms can be ruled out;

5. Gate.io has verified that the payment account of the merchant was frozen by the same judicial authority, or other circumstances that can prove that the user's receiving account has been frozen for half a year or more caused by a Gate.io merchant paying actions.

For users meeting the above criteria, they can submit an application for interest protection for the period while the account is frozen. To apply, the user will need to provide the unfreezing evidence issued by the judicial authority or bank after the account is unfrozen

For users meeting the above criteria, they can submit an application for interest protection for the period while the account is frozen. To apply, the user will need to provide the unfreezing evidence issued by the judicial authority or bank after the account is unfrozen,

Important Notice
1. These rules shall take effect from the date they are released and will be revised from time to time. The revised rules shall take effect from the date they are released after being revised;
2. If you do not agree with the above rules and the revised rules, please stop using the relevant services further;
3. If you continue to use the relevant services, it is deemed that you fully understand and accept these rules and the revised rules;
4. Gate.io reserves the right of final interpretation of these rules.

Special Statement
Gate.io provides the "Blue Check" merchant verification for P2P trading based on the merchants' KYC, asset review, historical transaction and user satisfaction rate. It does not mean that Gate.io has credited or endorsed the credibility of merchants, nor represent any relationship or partnership between Gate.io and merchants. Gate.io will arbitrate and mediate in users' complaints, but will not participate or intervene in transactions and legal disputes between the counterparties of OTC trading. Gate.io promises to make independent, neutral, and impartial judgments in accordance with these rules. However, as Gate.io is not a judicial institution and will not solve judicial disputes, we do not promise to assume any responsibility for the objectivity of the results of solving the disputes.

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