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    P2P Merchant Guideline

    2022-04-19 06:10:04 UTCRead:436211

    Requirements to become a fiat trading merchant

    1. Place a buy order as a merchant:
    All users can place a buy order as a merchant

    2. Place a sell order as a merchant:
    Only users holding a total asset of over 100USDT can place a sell order as a merchant


    1.Currently the system only counts your assets in your Spot Account.

    2.The asset of 100USDT or equivalent in your account will not be locked. However, if you have insufficient margin in your account, you will not be able to place an order as a merchant.

    3.Gate.io may change the required asset amount anytime based on the market.

    4.Apply to become a merchant through this link: https://www.gate.io/questionnaire/1343

    Trading fees for Merchants

    Currently, the P2P trading fee is waived for all users temporarily.

    How to publish an advertisement?

    Refer to Operation Guide to OTC / P2P the in the Help Center.

    Rules for advertisement

    1.Best priced crypto will show on the top; when two ads have the same price, the one published first will be prioritised.

    2.One Merchant can only have three active buying ads and three active selling ads at one time.

    3.If an order matches an advertisement, the number of advertisements will be reversed if the order gets cancelled afterwards,

    4.If the Merchants cancel six orders in a row, he/she will be restricted in Fiat Trading for eight hours. Ads that were published before the restriction will continue matching orders, but you cannot publish new ads.

    5.After the Merchant publishes the advertisement:

    a.You will need to re-post advertisements if you are signed out, and have no activities within 24 hours.

    b.You do not need to re-post advertisements if you have activities within 24 hours.

    6.Your advertisements will be matched based on the price, quantity and payment method.

    Privileges of being a Merchant

    1.Merchants can set up their profile pictures, and enhance their recognition.

    2.Once you have a good rating, you can apply for the “Blue V” symbol. With this symbol, your recognition will be enhanced and get more trades, consequently improving your VIP level and lowering your trading fee.

    3.Merchants have one on one customer service.

    4.Merchants with “Blue V” will be prioritised with Customer Service requests.

    General rules:

    1.Provide Gate.io with verified payment accounts.

    2.Verify the buyer’s payment amount and identity information, release cryptos within the required time frame.

    3.Do not change payment information after the order is generated. If you come across any issues, you can ask the Customer Service Team to assist

    4.Only post genuine information on your ads.

    Customer relationship:

    In order to establish a more secure, regulated trading environment, enhance overall Merchant quality and credibility, all Merchants shall follow the rules below:

    1.Must act in a timely manner when: making payments, releasing tokens and replying to customers. Always communicate with your customers. Do not cancel orders arbitrarily and do not appeal maliciously, contact users directly before filing an appeal.

    2.As a Merchant and a user, you will be held accountable for your ads and actions. Be honest about the price and quantity of your crypto and fiat. When you are offline, make sure to sign out or withdraw your advertisement; when you republish your ads, please make sure to check the current market price.

    3.Be fair and polite to your customers and other merchants. Be responsive to the clients.

    4.Merchants shall not participate in any forms of unlawful activities. Once participation in fraud is verified, the Merchant will be banned permanently.

    5.When your client’s bank card/account is frozen, Merchants shall assist the Customer Service Team actively and provide evidence if required.

    Choosing Payment Methods:

    1.Use payment methods that have been authenticated by yourself. Make payment based on the exact amount of the order and the designated payment account, and use an immediate payment method.

    2.Familiarise yourself with all payment method receiving rules, complete payment during the required time, and confirm the recipient of the payment in a timely manner. Make sure to strictly follow the total ordering amount, do not be short on paying.

    3.Do not use payment methods that could cause a delay.

    4.Be cautious when trading during non-business hours, because some payment methods would have a delay.

    5.Do not test the counterparties’ card by transfer in one cent without their permission. .

    6.Only use payment methods that are available on Gate.io.

    Sensitive words:

    1.Do not use sensitive words such as “Bitcoin”, or “Crypto” as references.

    2.DO NOT include “Gate.io”, local bank names, payment method names, or any sensitive words in your nickname.

    Trading Principles

    Ⅰ Payment and receipt of funds

    1.Gate.io requires that the account holder’s name on the payment method you use is consistent with the name you used in Identity Verification. You must contact the Gate.io Team if your name is not the same as that on your ID/Passport.

    2.Be cautious when releasing the funds. You should always check the counterparty’s bank account information is consistent with their verified name on the platform. Only release crypto to the ones who have matching information. If they don’t match, you should refuse to continue the trade and make a refund. Any fee charged by the payment method during this refund process should be covered by the buyer.

    Gate.io strongly recommends merchants/sellers to report such orders to the platform.

    3. Merchants have the right to cancel the order if the counterparty uses a non-authenticated account to receive the payment.

    Gate.io strongly recommends merchants/sellers to report such orders to the platform.

    4.As a merchant/seller, you are encouraged to ask for additional identity verifications from the users. However, users have the right to refuse. If the users refuse to provide additional information, you can terminate the trade by refunding the money, canceling the order directly, or asking the customer service team to help cancel the order.

    Ⅱ Asset security

    1. It is strictly prohibited for merchants to participate in any unlawful funds transactions.

    2.Merchants shall provide assistance when Gate.io requires information to investigate buyer’s account activity, such as bank cards being frozen after receiving payment from the merchant.

    3. If the merchant’s bank account is frozen after a transaction with a counterparty, the penchant shall contact local police at once and send an enquiry email to Gate.io directly.

    4.Gate.io reserves the right to disqualify the merchants if illegal digital assets or funds being brought by the merchant, consequently puts Gate.io under legal risks and the loss of assets. The merchant could be banned from the platform and the security deposit could be forfeited.

    Ⅲ Operating rules

    1.Please make sure you have familiarized yourself with P2P Merchant Rules and read through guidelines.

    2.Do not trade outside of the platform. If you trade with users outside of the platform, Gate.io will not bear any responsibility for any losses caused. Merchants shall not exchange any personal contacts in the ads or in the trading conditions nor in the auto-replies.

    3. After the transaction is completed, you should contact the counterparty if no payment is received after 15 minutes. If there is no response, contact Gate.io staff immediately for support.

    4. You shouldn’t test the counterparty’s bank account by transferring a small amount without their consent.

    5.You are limited to post 2 online ads with the same direction/same crypto pair:

    6.You are not allowed to post links to third-party resources in the “remarks” or “auto-reply” sections, especially with links to other Exchanges/P2P/OTC platforms.

    7.We may hide or close your ad if you violate the Merchant Guidelines without prior notice. Your ads may also be hidden if they fall under these conditions.

    Ⅳ Disqualification

    You could be disqualified to trade as a crypto seller/buyer on Gate.io if one of the following conditions happens:

    1.You do not cooperate with our customer support team when processing the appeal order or delaying the trading process.

    2.You charge extra fees or commissions to the user in any form.

    3.You contact the user to carry out transactions outside the Gate.io platform.

    4.You leak the user's personal information to another party.

    5.You spread negative information that affects Gate.io.

    6.You compete with other people unfairly.

    7.You use more than one merchant account (multi-accounts) to take advantage of trading, or block assets of other merchants.

    8.A high volume of negative feedback about you from other users.

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