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Development Progress of GateChain#1 (June 2020)

2020-06-08 16:32:54Read:52448

The launch of Testnet 4.0 in late May marked the release of the last testnet of GateChain in the run-up to the implementation of its Mainnet. As mentioned earlier, Testnet 4.0 delivered a 2000+ TPS and supported thousands of consensus nodes among numerous appealing features (for more details about Testnet 4.0, see Currently, the pressure testing and optimization of parameters prior to the introduction of GateChain Mainnet are underway.

Recent development progress has been listed as follows:

1. Deployed multiple nodes for Devnet with consensus protocol running stably; altogether 50 testing nodes have been deployed on Linode, AWS and other well-known platforms, with 5 in Atlanta, 11 in Fremont, 9 in Toronto, 15 in Tokyo and 10 in Singapore; each node is deployed with a consensus account.

2. Finished Mempool RecheckTx feature; “Recheck” is available when packing blocks, solving the problem of multiple nodes submitting transactions simultaneously; launched on Devnet.

3. Finished the feature of loyalty factor deduction for off-line consensus accounts; for consensus accounts that haven’t participated in the consensus mechanism for a long period of time, their loyalty factor would be deducted and included in the block header every 1000 transactions.

4. Upgraded the consensus account interface of Blockchain Browser; the number of times being admitted to the “committee”, handling fees and PoS rewards are added for common users to select their “proxy”; launched on Devnet.

5. Fixed the bug regarding excess s of Blockchain Browser; fixed the bug of excessive database connections in the event of a high TPS.

6. Finished Testnet 4.0 regression testing, with network running stably.

7. Implementing the “PoS Proxy” feature on desktop wallet is underway.

8. Finished 80% of code unit testing and code standardization for Gatemint.

9. Upgraded Gatechain RPC documentation. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fees, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guaranteed and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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June 8th, 2020

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