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The 7th Anniversary of Stay True to Our Original Aspiration

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Founded in April of 2013, has always been committed to becoming an exchange where each believer of crypto can trade with the highest level of security. Bearing this goal in mind, we strive to offer even better services, having our users as our top priority.

The past seven years saw the development of from its infancy to what it is today. During these years, each point of feedback has been considered in our development process.

From 2013 to 2019, together with our 3 million users from more than 130 countries, we witnessed the development of cryptocurrency, including two Bitcoin halvings and the price of Bitcoin skyrocketing from 2 to 20000 USD, followed by a drawback. At the same time, we also endured the ups and downs in the ranks among the top ten crypto exchanges in the world, with the daily trading volumes of the BTC spot market and contract market exceeding 110 million USD and 800 million USD respectively. Additionally, the maximum trading volume in spot markets even surpassed 600 million USD. Cryptocurrency holders from around the world can enjoy a wide range of quality trading and investment services offered by

With authentic trading data, focuses itself on market demand and user feedback, whilst remaining dedicated to providing a secure trading environment in which worldwide users can enjoy excellent trading services.

We Place Security Above Everything

With emerging innovative products and new trading needs, transaction security is essential to the development of cryptocurrency. However, it is often neglected by other exchanges.

As the cryptocurrency industry grows, the theft of digital assets has devastating effects on the industry as a whole. Digital assets of many exchanges, including well-known ones, have been stolen, which has taken a massive toll on them as well as on the image of crypto to the outside world. Weathering from one hardship to another, we have come to realize that only with established preventive mechanisms we can sustain our development.

In 2017, placed ‘transaction security’ very high on its development agenda.

In the same year, GateChain, the first public chain focused on transaction security underwent rapid development.

Steady Development through Innovation and Enterprise

In 2019, was upgraded more than forty times, including over ten major upgrades to guarantee a smooth trading experience for users. To achieve better quality and maintain the standard of crypto projects listed on our platform, launched the Token Administration Regulations in 2019 that aimed to standardize the token administrations rigorously; it delivered great success. According to Cryptorank, the overall IEO returns of reached 41%, ranking the second of all platforms. Moreover, had the highest ATH, which was 1039.94%. Meanwhile, was acknowledged as one of the two platforms with positive IEO returns from January 17, 2019, to January 17, 2020.

In the same year, launched GateChain 1.0 and 2.0, issued GateChain Token (GT), and operated a series of events like HODL & Earn, Startup, Cryptipedia, Listing Vote and Halving countdown page of BTC. In addition, exciting and innovative features such as Live Streaming, Red Packets Bonanza, Passphrase Red Packet, and Yearly Report were added to the platform; advanced VIPs could enjoy one-on-one services as well as nine exclusive rights and benefits.

We’ve been attempting to provide more products while maintaining a high quality of basic trading and derivatives services at the same time, creating more convenient and reliable services for users. Simultaneously we’ve been seeking more innovative ways for potential users to gain the best possible access to the crypto space.

Security Is the Key to Define Whether 1+1>0 Or 1+1=0

GateChain mainnet is the primary product of in the current process of stable development. Security is always the key to define whether 1+1>0 or 1+1=0. Only with a secure guarantee of funds can users have a sound and long-term trading experience.

GateChain is not only a new generation of public chains that focuses on a decentralized trade but also the first public chain that is focused on some severe security issues encountered in the crypto space; creatively presenting a solution for security issues such as loss of private keys and assets being stolen by malignant actors. launched GateChain Testnet 2.0 at the end of 2019, building a new underlying architecture and consensus mechanism in accordance with users’ feedbacks. The TPS of GateChain have increased considerably, and it has the potential to effectively protect the security of nodes, lowering the barriers for users to join the network. With the arrival of Testnet 2.0, achieved all the features mentioned in the Roadmap in advance, containing core features like solutions to the loss of private keys and assets, token issuance and decentralized trading. The average time of block confirmation is 0.5s per block. The whole new Testnet 3.0 is scheduled to be launched in April, whose TPS will increase three times that of Testnet 2.0.

As the first secure public chain in the world, we commit to proceed with the development and seek new ways to reinterpret "security". The official version will be launched in the middle of the year. Please stay tuned!

Trust as the Second Line of Defense

Trust is the second most important factor of security. The demanding technical standards, various types of products, and efficient, high-quality services are the pillars of trust. has world-leading technology standards among exchanges. We are one of the top 5 exchanges and have received a full score of 10 according to CoinGecko’s Trust Score 2.0 ranking .

As for products, as far as crypto asset management tools are concerned, we have introduced Periodic Investment Plan, Lock-up & Earn, PoS & Earn. Recently we have also launched crypto ETF products with 7 major cryptocurrencies, live stream features, etc. to enrich our eco. now provides features including spot trading, contract trading, margin trading, ETF, wallet, crypto-asset management, and an abundance of Livestreams. We steadily improve ourselves by testing out new features based on maturely developed products, so that users can enjoy our quality service while gathering new experiences.

When the market was rather volatile from 2019 to March 12, 2020, we offered benefits and handling fee discounts to certain users.During the COVID-19 outbreak, joined the fight against the virus in China. We have donated and delivered medical protective materials to the areas that suffered from the virus most; and we provided nearly 20,000 facemasks to our users.

We look forward to overcoming the problems and challenges on the way of development and innovation. We appreciate your continuous support over the years and will continue to provide various reliable products with fluent design and simple operations.

Young Fore7er, Hope for the future

In the past 7 years, has been devoted to whipping our products and service in shape. We insist on not facilitating any kind of form of wash trading, no fake volumes, and no listing fees. In order to set the path to head towards a brighter future where exchanges can be more reliable and trustworthy. The crypto space is extremely competitive, unfortunately at times attracting a wide variety of people with malintent, which is why it needs role models who can lead to a healthier infrastructure and a more positive direction. is planting the seeds for success by offering not only basic trading products, but also asset security guarantees such as the GT Safety and Law funds, 100% Collateral Proof, and Gatechain’s revocable transaction models, laying the groundwork for further development for the entire industry.

Although Gatechain Testnet 2.0 has realized all of its features, we are still aiming to improve it to become one of the best public chain projects around. In addition to its innovative features regarding asset security, we are working to improve its performance and security of the fundamental structure. Although we are just a tiny part of the history of the entire crypto space, we believe will leave its mark by being a driver of change in the industry! will continue to carry out its promises as always, and with the coming 7th anniversary, let us bring you a brand new 2020!

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April 14th, 2020
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