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“Young Fore7er” Campaigns - 7th Anniversary of

2020-04-07 19:01:46Read:333362

With an aspiration to provide a trustworthy exchange platform for those who had faith in BTC, was founded in April of 2013. has maintained a steady development during these 7 years which witnessed the growth of a global top exchange, acquiring more than 3 million users from over 130 countries around the world. has been devoted to providing a secure and transparent trading environment for its users throughout the entire period.

Coming into the 8th year, is honored to share the joy of this 7th anniversary with all the users. To celebrate’s 7th anniversary, is holding a series of fun and exciting activities that will last for one month; especially to show our appreciation for the users, including activities such as ‘HODL & Earn’ with major cryptos, Weekly Top Streamers Competition, Live Stream Red Packet Bonanza, Bitcoin Startup Special Offer with 30% off, etc.

Activity 1 - Livestream Red Packets Bonanza

On April 14th, CMO Marie and Community Manager Patrick will collaborate with projects to share Passphrase Red Packets during the live stream. Users can obtain passphrases to claim the token reward. Come join us and Party!

The details of the activity will soon be released via “Announcements”, please stay tuned!

How to enter Live:
Download mobile App:

Visit via Web:

Activity 2 - Collection of “My 7-year Stories with”

Share your stories about to win one of our 7th-anniversary prizes and GT rewards. You are welcome to send your special stories about in the form of text or video to us. We will pick 20 users (10 for text and 10 for video) who have brilliant stories and send our GT rewards.

In the form of text: APP will launch the social community feature this weekend! We sincerely invite you to post your stories about in the form of pure text or pictures on the upcoming community. Please screenshot your post and fill in the form 1 along with your stories:

In the form of video: please fill in the form 2 at

Today - UTC 15:59, April 30, 2020

Anniversary prize: 200GT/USER, 20 users in total.

The 10 text-form winners (rewarded with an Anniversary Prize) will be picked according to the quality of the stories (The number of other users' likes and comments displayed on the new online social function will also be used as a reference). The 10 video-form winners (rewarded with an Anniversary Prize) will be picked according to the quality of the stories.
Users who have already joined in the form of text are also able to participate in the form of video, but one user can only win one prize.
GT rewards will be delivered to winners’ accounts 10 weekdays after the end of the campaign.
All the brilliant stories will be made into a combination of videos and pictures. All the participants are regarded as giving their consent of the usage of the works to

Activity 3 – HODL & Earn with Major Cryptos HODL & Earn will be launching 7 Lock-up & Earn products with major cryptocurrencies for the celebration. The total value of tokens to be locked is above $7,000,000, the annual interest rate is 10%. The products are sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

Below is the information for the upcoming 7 Lock-up & Earn Products:

The details of the activity will soon be released via the announcement, please stay tuned!

Participate in HODL & Earn:
Web Users can purchase via (App users use HODL&Earn)

Activity 4 – BTC Startup Special Offer with 30% Off will be offering $250,000 worth of BTC for sale with a 30% discount on Startup at UTC 4:00 on April 27th. All the users can participate in the sale, and the USDT received will be used to purchase GT from the open market, and the purchased GT will be burned publicly.

Participate in Startup Special Offer:
Web-users please head over to; app users please go to “Market” – “Startup”.

Activity 5 – Weekly Top Streamers Competition
A weekly top streamer competition will be held and, except for the platform streamers, all streamers (including the new applicants) are entitled to participate in the competition. During the competition, the total online duration, the number of online viewers of all Lives and a single Live will be taken into account, and streamers which rank highest will get GT rewards.
The rules will be available for the public later, please stay tuned! is recruiting top streamers around the world, and you are welcome to join us! For detailed information of the application, please visit:
* reserves the final right to interpret the above activities. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fees, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guaranteed and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
Get 30% of all referees' trading fees in the affiliate program at

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April 7th, 2020

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