Coin Price 24h % Lunar New Year Passphrase Red Packet Campaign

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To celebrate the coming Lunar New Year, has launched the Passphrase Red Packet Feature in the App. Users can now grab and send red packets with custom made greetings and passphrases. They can also share red packets in different packet themes and posters.

During the Lunar New Year, will launch three fun activities integrating the new feature. These activities are Fixed-time Packets, Riddle Packets, and Packets Giveaway matches. Please do not miss out on the fun and join us in the celebration!

January 23rd, 2019 – January 30th, 2020 (8 days in total)

Activity 1: Fixed-time Red Packets Giveaway
The passphrase red packets will be given away in Live and on Twitter at a fixed time. Users might get the Lucky Red Packet with 88GT in prizes!

Specific time for Fixed-time Red Packets Giveaway
UTC January 24th, 12:00 on Twitter
UTC January 25th, 09:00 during Live

How to participate:
Step 1. Follow Twitter and watch “Live” to receive the Passphrase
Step 2. Open App, enter the Passphrase
Step 3. Grab the Red Packet and receive the prize
Step 4. Share the Red Packet, share the luck!

Activity 2: Riddles Red Packets Giveaway
During the activity, will post riddles on our official Telegram and Twitter at random times; the answers will be the Passphrases for Red Packets. The number of Red Packets is uncertain and users might get the Lucky Red Packet with 88GT in prizes! It will be full of surprises and excitement; let’s keep the good wishes flowing!

How to participate:
Step 1. Follow Twitter and join the Telegram group chat to receive the riddle
Step 2. Find out the answer to the riddle (the answer will be the Passphrase), open App and enter the Passphrase
Step 3. Grab the Red Packet and receive the prize
Step 4. Share the Red Packet, share the luck!

Activity 3: Red Packet Giveaway Competition to win VIP10
During the activity, users can give away Passphrase Red Packets to friends and family on their own. Once your friends and family login or register on, they can get the Red Packets. We will calculate the number of referees who successfully registered for each referrer. The top 10 referrers in referral numbers will be rewarded to become VIP 10 for the whole of 2020!

How to participate:
Step 1. Open App - “Passphrase Red Packet”
Step 2. Choose “I want to giveaway red packets” and set the details of the Red Packet
Step 3. Choose a random Passphrase or customize your own Passphrase
Step 4. Send out the Red Packet to family and friends

1. Each participant can only claim once for each Passphrase Red Packet. Each registered participant can only claim 3 Passphrase Red Packets in one day. Each new user can only claim 4 Passphrase Red Packets in one day.
2. During activity 3, each participant can only obtain the VIP upgrade reward for one time. Participants who do not follow the rules (including the use of different UID to participate multiple times) will be disqualified.
3. reserves the final right to interpret this activity.

Thanks SERO、DREP、Lambda、WICC、PCHAIN、COS、SKM、ARPA、MIX Teams for their support of this Campaign(in no particular order).
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January 22,2020

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