Coin Price 24h % Vietnam C2C Merchant Recruitment and C2C Trading to Win GT Airdrop Activity Announcement

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In December 2019, officially launched the fiat-supported C2C channel in Vietnam. At the same time, we started the merchant recruitment plan to attract more users to enter our platform and become verified merchants. Merchants can have access to more exclusive benifit as follows:
1. 0 listing fee for C2C merchants;
2. Bonus VIP level upgrade--You are automatically upgraded to VIP3 once become merchant ; If your original VIP level ≥VIP3,you will automatically be one level up;
3. Merchants will be given priority to the handling of C2C order disputes;
4. Access to the special chat group of merchants, and communicate directly with the group manager and team;

How to apply:
1. Completed verification in;
2. The amount of funds in the applicant’ account should be greater than 1000USDT;
3. Fill out the form ,link: (Filling Deadline: 23:59 UTC+7,31st, January 2020)

More details on merchant recruitment ,please check our official announcement page:
* In order to attract more merchants and better promote Vietnam C2C market, we will be doing VIP level updates to users who fill out the form before 23:59 (UTC+7)January 21st, 2020 on January 22th, 2020, so that you are qualified for the following C2C trading promotion campaign.

Become verified C2C merchants and submit requested info to Win unlimited GT Airdrop

I.Promotion Duration (UTC+7):
Time: 12:00, January 17th, 2020-12:00, January 31st, 2020

II. Activity rules:
1. During the activity, merchants are considered as qualified participants as long as they traded;
2. Win unlimited GT Airdrop after meeting required trading volume and submitting your query form;
Form link : ceases once the activity ends )
3. C2C trading activity participating link :


* The actual airdrop rewards may decrease with the higher VIP levels.
In addition, after the activity ends , the top three merchants in terms of trading volume can enjoy extra GT airdrop bonus.
(1)First Place, 200GT.
(2)Second Place, 100GT.
(3)Third Place, 50GT.

IV. Transaction volume calculation and airdrop distribution
1. Effective Trading Volume= Buying volume + Selling volume(Buying and selling must be taken by different users ,please don’t fake your trading volume);
2. Once the activities ends, users meeting airdrop requirement have to fill out the form and we will screen out the form to conduct the airdrop;
3. Because the referral rewards bring different trading costs, in order to keep the competition fair, the trading volume will be normalized according to if there is a recommendation to eliminate the cost difference;
4. Because the trading fee of different VIP levels is different, in order to keep the competition fair, the trading volume will be eliminated by multiplying (actual trading fee/ trading fee of VIP-10) to eliminate the difference;
5. The effective trading volume for users who are both maker and taker will be calculated separately . Only trading as a maker ,can the effective trading volume be calculated in this activity;
6. For the sake of calculation,BTC trading volume will be converted into USDT trading volume.(Calculated by BTC/USDT real-time price as long as the activity ends).

* Note *:
1.During the event, we will cancel the competition qualification and the rewards airdrop if any malicious trading behavior is found.

V.Share to Win Rewards
1. Activity Time:
From now on to 12:00 (UTC+7) on January 31, 2020
2. Activity Rules:
(1)Forward the poster of "C2C Trading Campaign " to social media or Telegram with captions :
"#gateio #gateioc2c #gateiovietnam Vietnam Trading Campaign has already been kicking off. Scan the QR CODE to get a chance of winning GT rewards.
Keep track of announcement updates and there are more to come , motorcycle? Big bonuses? Anything you can't even imagine ,we can deliver it! "
(2)Fill out this form and wait patiently for our draw. Form link :
3. Activity Reward
We will select 30 users from the users who participate and fill in the form, and each of the selected users will be rewarded with 30GT.

* Note *
(1)Your forwarding must contain the above content and be kept for at least 5 hours;
(2) Each participant is eligible to participate only once. We would cancel your right to participate and your rewards if any dishonest and malicious behavior is to be found;
(3) The screenshot should contain your full forwarding, with the number of groups member ,followers or social media accounts fully exposed. Otherwise, the screenshot shall be deemed invalid;
(4) Make sure all the information is correct to avoid reward receiving failure when submitting the form;
(5)We will distribute the rewards within 7 days after the activity ends. team reserves the right to interpret this activity. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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January 16, 2020

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