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Christmas Campaign

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This year Santa is bringing you the best gift: the gift of knowledge

HOdl, HOdl, HOdl! Dear users, to get you into the Christmas crypto spirit, we have decided to give back to our community. To enable you to own some of your own crypto coins. Distributed freely by us. During this period of giving 1,000,000 sats will be given away daily to be precise! But not for nothing.

Santa Claus is all about secret gifting. What you didn't know is that he likes to give the biggest gift of all; crypto knowledge. Santa is the earliest of adopters. Let him treat you to 5 days of satoshi gifts! We know you are nice but are you knowledgeable too? Get ready for the quiz of a lifetime. Knowledge is king when it comes to crypto. So let’s get busy and participate to win 1,000,000 sats daily!

To participate, answer the question in the comments, retweet (for Twitter)/share (for Facebook)/ Share in “Story” (for Instagram) and like the post. But because Christmas is about sharing we want you to tag two crypto twitter friends in the comments who could possibly win prizes too. That means they might win instead of you. But hey, that’s what friends are for. Each question will stay online until we announce all winners simultaneously on the 25th of December. You will have an opportunity to win 1,000,000 sats every day from the 20th of December until the 24th. Let’s gooooo!

Looking forward to seeing your answers!

Recap of the Rules:
For Twitter:
Like post & retweet
Comment with your answer to each specific question
Tag two crypto twitter friends

For Facebook:
Like post & Comment with your answer to each specific question
Tag two crypto FB friends

For Instagram:
Like post & Comment with your answer to each specific question
Tag two crypto IG friends
Share the post in your story

Twitter competitors will be considered part of the first wave, and Facebook and Instagram competitors part of the respective second and third wave. Increase your chances of winning by participating on all platforms and by participating in each of the 5 questions. We will gather participation data from all users over both platforms, after which we will select 1 winner per question from the entire pool. Winners will be chosen at random from the correct and most interesting answers. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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December 19,2019

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