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2019-12-09 17:13:19Read:64205 launched the ALGO, ATOM, XTZ perpetual contract trading settled in USDT. Traders can earn profits by selling long or short with 1-20x leverage.

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ALGO perpetual contract trading:

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ATOM perpetual contract trading:

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XTZ perpetual contract trading: XTZ _USDT Perpetual Contract Perpetual Contract is one of the most active crypto-asset contract trading markets in the world. At its peak, we’ve hit a total trading volume of 400 million USDT on with the Perpetual Contracts platform, with an insurance fund of over 1,000 BTC to compensate users when traders’ balance drops beneath zero. Perpetual Contracts provides 100X leverage for BTC, and 20-100X leverage for other major cryptocurrencies such as ETH, EOS, LTC, BCH, BSV for users to go either long or short. The close position is calculated based on the price index from multiple platforms, which helps the trading feature run continuously and reduce investors’ risks. However, contract trading involves higher risks with high leverage, hence, users should understand the trading rules and be aware of the market risk, and place investments cautiously.

After having tested the stability of the new contract feature, has launched the USDT Settled Perpetual Contract Trading. Currently, the interests of Perpetual Contract Trading are settled in BTC and USDT. Users need to deposit USDT to engage in USDT settled contract trading. The USDT settled Perpetual Contracts can help eliminate market volatilities, which is more suitable for new traders. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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December 9,2019

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