Coin Price 24h % Talks With KoinPost On Redefining Trade Finance Via Blockchain

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Recently, CMO Marie Tatibouet was interviewed by Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News Website KoinPost. During the interview, Marie briefly introduces Gatechain and points out the significance of GateChain for the development of blockchain technology.

One of the most distinctive features of Gatechain, as Marie mentions, is that it has a Normal Account and a Vault Account. With the Vault account, users can create revocable transactions. Therefore, even if there are attacks from hackers, or if the private key is lost, users are able to revoke their transactions and get the funds back. This has solved the critical issue of asset security in the blockchain industry in a creative and indefinite manner.

Marie also states: “Typically with blockchain, everything is irrevocable for the purpose of transparency and irrevocability, because otherwise you would have a double spending problem. But what we suggest is that you can make transactions on your standard account, while on the vault account, you can save the funds that you want to keep for the long term, but would not make transactions with a third-party with the Vault Account.”

Marie also proceeds to express her positive perspective in the interview on the development of blockchain technology in China.

Watch the full interview:

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December 3,2019