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Coin Price 24h % Launches Charity Program “Love Travels, Love Nurtures”

2019-09-13 09:21:37Read:41433

In the cryptocurrency space, people come together to create and deliver value. Being a part of the eco, is always excited to look for ways to spread this idea within the community and beyond.

With this belief in mind, is introducing a charity program, “Love travels, Love nurtures” with a mission is to improve the lives of children in underprivileged communities. will donate GateChain tokens from its Safety and Law Fund to the children living in remote mountainous areas of China.

“Love travels, Love nurtures” program has already launched its first project in Daliang Mountains, Sichuan where donated GTs to one of the Hope Project primary schools (the name of the school is kept confidential for privacy purposes). The details of the donation are:
• Donator: Safety and Law Fund
• Receiver: A Hope Project primacy school in Daliang Mountains, Sichuan
• Donated Items: School uniforms * 200, T-shirt * 200
• Value of Donation: 90 * 200 + 18 * 200 = 21,600 RMB, equals to 3541 GT (0.8722 USDT/GT)

The donation program will not raise any funds from other parties and will ensure full transparency of the data. The privacy of the donation receiver will also be protected and there will be no cryptocurrency trading, or any fund-raising activities involved.

For more details, please check:

The program will also make sure that the school uniforms are custom made with comfortable and durable fabric in red and navy color. The uniforms have been designed for cold weather considering the climatic conditions in the local area.

While driving the donation program, learned that many children in these areas are also deprived of good care and proper education. Therefore, we would like to invite our users to join this noble journey and take part in the charity program. Any kind of participation, be it donation or volunteering will be encouraged and accepted.

To join us, please fill in the ticket below:

*Currently we do not accept individual donations.

To donate clothes directly to the local volunteers, please refer to the following details:
Mobile Phone & WeChat No. of the volunteer in charge: 19960235437
Address: Post Office of Zhaojue County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province China
Recipient: Hu Qiugen–Chengxin Volunteer Program
Recipient’s phone number: 19915785461
Zip code: 616150

Please donate only old clothes as the community does not accept new clothes. If possible, please donate clothes suitable for winters.

Charity Projects Solicitation

As part of’s charity journey, users can also share information about other charity projects or events in China. The submission link provided above can be used and our team will arrange the donations after careful assessment.

Users need to provide detailed information about the charity projects, including the name of the project, associated region, value of the donation, etc. We will announce the projects that have been selected after reviewing the details.

The charity projects should be well managed with absolute fairness and transparency, following the process mentioned below. They should meet one of the below conditions.

1. Conditions
- Schools in remote or underdeveloped areas in regions below poverty line
- Schools with inadequate learning supplies and teaching facilities (i.e. computers, books, dormitory supplies) in remote mountainous areas
- Areas that have suffered natural disasters

2. Project Solicitation Process
- Ticket submission: Please fill in the form to submit the ticket
- Project review: will check the information provided and contact the personnel in charge as per the details submitted
- Announcement: will announcement the chosen projects and arrange the donations after reviewing
*Currently we do not accept individual donations. believes responsibility is existence. With this belief, will continue to make efforts to improve the lives of children and elderly in need. Again, we sincerely welcome our users to join us in this journey of spreading love and support to the socially weaker groups, and bring warmth to the society, using the power of GT.

#The GT Safety and Law Fund has experience dealing with hundreds of legal cases and judicial investigations related to Blockchain security in the past few years, involving hundreds of millions of dollars. With extensive experience in technology tracking and judicial processing, understands the importance of the security-legal in the Blockchain industry. will repurchase GT from the open market and gradually establish a 50 million GT-scale security legal fund.
Through legal, judicial, commercial insurance, wallet technology and other means, is committed to building a safe, compliant, and healthy Blockchain asset protection platform on a global scale.
For the industry users, and especially the platform users, provides global Blockchain technical tracking and legal assistance when the funds are stolen and defrauded in other events. Through this fund, focuses on solving the worries of users, offering them security measures to their Blockchain assets.

Fund source:’s revenue
Users and third-party donations are not accepted
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Sep. 13, 2019