Coin Price 24h % launches Mascot Solicitation Campaign and Selection Scheme

2019-09-07 10:28:43Read:99515 has been in operation for 6 years and has always endeavored to bring the best possible trading services and products for our users worldwide. Up to now, has a user base up to 3 million across over 130 countries and regions.

We are launching a global solicitation for the mascot for Users are welcome to submit your designs to show your creativity and your idea could become an official mascot for! The mascot will be decided by a vote after our screenings, and the winner can get 2,000 GT as a reward.

The followings are the details for the mascot solicitation campaign.

1. Participants: all the GT holders on

2. Timeline:
Solicitation: Sep 7, 2019 – Sep 20, 2019
Screening: Sep 23, 2019 – Sep 27, 2019
Vote: Sep 30, 2019 – Oct 4, 2019
Announcement: Oct 7, 2019

3. Requirement for the design:
1) The mascot should be easy to identify and remember, and should be artistically unique and creative.
2) The design can be integrated with concepts such as “secure”, “efficient”, “convenient”, “GateChain” and “GT” ,etc.
3) Please provide the name of the mascot, the design concept and a brief introduction when submitting the design.
4) The winner of this campaign should provide the source file of the design to Winner also need to sign the corresponding copyright transfer agreement.

4. How to participate
Please click this link to submit the information and the work

5. Selection Scheme
1) will select 5 to 10 designs based on our screenings. The selected work will be presented on our official website. Users can vote for their favorite mascot and the mascot that gets most votes wins.
2) All GT holders on can participate in the vote. 1 GT = 1 vote
For VIP ≤3 users, each account has 3 votes.
For 3≤VIP≤10 users, each account has 5 votes.
For VIP>10 users, each account has 10 votes.
*All the GT used for the vote will be locked, and will be returned to users when the campaign ends.
3) Participant can share their design on social media to get more votes

6. Prizes and rewards
1) All the design that get voted can get 100 GT as reward.
2) The winner that gets the most votes can get 2,000 GT as reward.
3) Users who have voted for the winner will split 1,000 GT. We will also pick 100 users ship the mascot doll to them. Please stay tuned for the official announcement after the campaign. We will get in touch with users within 7 working days.

1. reserves the final right to interpret this campaign.
2. The designs must not violate relevant laws and regulations.
3. The submitted design must not be published previously, and must not involve in copying or plagiarizing a part or whole work of other persons. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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Sep. 07, 2019