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    Gate.io’s Upcoming Launch of “Hodl & Earn”,and More

    Create Time:2019-08-29 11:52:23 UTCRead:223050

    User benefits

    Gate.io is a top asset blockchain exchange platform that strives to provide secure and high quality services to its users. With real data tracking and a transparent structure, we pride ourselves in learning from our users by collecting regular feedback. In the recent feedback solicitation on the GT burning plan, over 1000 users submitted their feedback and provided exciting suggestions not only on the burning plan and GT development but also on how we can enhance some of the features. In fact, many users suggested applying extra burning plans and developing more use cases for GT.We greatly value user opinion and have decided to adopt some of their suggestions upon complying with local jurisdiction.

    After analyzing the “buy-back and burn” exchange token burning plan from major exchanges (BNB, HT, OKB, KCS), we can eliminate the fake trading volume and estimate the revenue of each exchange. After analyzing the trading volume, we found that Gate.io’s revenue has seen a significant increase, and BNB and HT are the only exchanges that have a higher volume than Gate.io. Therefore, we now have even more financial capacity to bring extra benefit to users. With the support of our legal team, we will come up with more strategies and plans to provide added benefits to GT holders and our regular users.

    Launching Gate.io “Hodl & Earn”

    Gate.io will launch Hodl & Earn, a series of crypto-asset management tools that promises stable profit and lower risks. While, it requires users to have certain VIP levels and hold a certain amount of GTs for more popular products within Gate.io Hodl & Earn, in the meantime we will launch GT management tool with stable profit, providing another way for GT holders to gain interest.

    Adjusting 14-Day GT Holding Calculation

    In our precious Startup sales, it required participants to hold a certain amount of GTs in position, and we calculated the holdings in a 14-Day period. However, there were reports that certain users have been using the time gap after the snapshots are taken to earn profits or gain benefits by lending assets between accounts or go short on GTs after the snapshot has been taken. Such behaviours damage the interest of other GT holders and should be eliminated. Therefore, we will adopt the new 14-Day GT holding calculation method to ensure fairness.

    The previous GT holding calculation was based on the average amount of GTs in position in the 14-day period. Going forward, we will calculate the GT holding based on the smallest amount of GTs in position within 14 days. Also, the snapshots will be taken randomly within the 14-day period.

    The new 14-Day GT holding calculation method will be applied for the coming Startup sales and Gate.io Hodl & Earn.

    We sincerely appreciate your continuous support. Stay tuned for more innovative products from Gate.io!

    Gate.io is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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    Gate.io New Features:
    Spot Trading on Gate.io (200+ tokens): https://www.gate.io/trade/BTC_USDT
    Margin Trading on Gate.io (Long or Short): https://www.gate.io/margin_trade/BTC_USDT
    Perpetual Contract Trading: https://www.gate.io/futures_trade/BTC_USD
    Lending on Gate.io (secure and stable, high annual return): https://www.gate.io/margin/lend/USDT
    C2C Trading on Gate.io: https://www.gate.io/c2c/usdt_cny
    Download Gate.io APP: https://www.gate.io/mobileapp
    Download Wallet.io (ALL in ONE): https://www.wallet.io/

    Follow us and get updated at (Follow as to win bonus)
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/gateioglobal
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/gate_io

    August 29, 2019

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