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About Perpetual Contracts on Perpetual Contract Trading is one of the most active marketplaces in the crypto asset space. Currently, the perpetual contracts daily trading volume is over $100 million, and can sometimes hit up to $400 million. Our Perpetual Contracts feature also provides an insurance fund worth over 1,000 BTC to compensate users when traders’ balance drops below zero.

The Perpetual Contracts Daily Trading Competition

Fancy yourself a talented trader? Show us what you’re worth by participating in the Perpetual Contracts Daily Trading Competition. Trade BTC/USD Contracts up to 100x Leverage to win big!

With 30 winners in this competition every day over the next week, top traders can earn up to a total of 25,000 GT! Perpetual Contracts Daily Trading Competition Rules

1. Time: From UTC 9:00, August 29th, 2019 to UTC 9:00, September 6, 2019 (8 days in total), we will be determining the winners on a daily basis.

2. Prizes: The competition results over the past 24 hours will be calculated at UTC 9:00 each day.
1st Prize: 1,000 GT
2nd prize: 500 GT
3rd prize: 250 GT
4th- 30th prize: 50 GT.

3. Rules:
Traders who trade contracts during the competition period will automatically be subscribed to the competition.
The competition result of the past 24 hours will be calculated at UTC 9:00 each day.
During the competition, fund deposits will be limited by the . Traders are allowed to cover their unrealized losses, and can choose from 1x to 100x leverage. The lowest earning is 0.03BTC, and the rankings will be calculated based on (Total Earnings/Principal).

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes are 1,000 GT, 500 GT and 250 GT respectively. All of the other winners will earn 50 GT each.

4. Attention:
1) The earnings from the competition will be calculated based on the accumulated earnings from the BTC/USD contract trading (including unrealized losses/earnings, realized losses/earnings, trading fees and other handling fees etc.)

2) Principle = original account balance + subsequent transferred-in funds

3) To ensure fairness of the competition, accounts with abnormal trading activities (e.g. use of other accounts to distribute earnings) will be excluded. The prizes will be distributed to the next trader based on the ranking.

4) Risk warning: Perpetual contract trading is simple to use. It is similar to regular trading with no contract delivery. However, please note that the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. Please be aware of the market risks and choose the amount of leverage cautiously.

5) To learn how to trade perpetual contracts, please go to the Trading Simulation Area for more practice:

5. Trade Perpetual Contracts on

6. Understand Perpetual Contracts better by checking out this video:

7. Understand Perpetual Contracts better by checking out this article:

8. Learn more about Perpetual Contracts Trading on with this wicked cartoon:

* reserves the final right to interpret this competition.

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August 29, 2019

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