Coin Price 24h % Startup Sales (CNNS & DREP) GT Refund Result

2019-05-31 17:00:09Read:205115

Startup Sales projects CNNS and DREP were launched during GT's initial trading stage where the market price of GT may fluctuate. Due to this, the Startup price was set as a temporary price "P1", which is 0.60 USDT/GT. One month after the project launch, the price "P2" will be adjusted according to the GT daily opening price on from April 25 to May 25 (GMT +8:00). If P2 is over 10% higher than P1, which is more than $0.66 USD, will refund the exceeding amount (P2-P1*110%) in GT based on P2 to users who invested with GTs.

Per the previous calculation rules, P2=0.70365625 USDT/GT, which is over 10% higher than P1 ($0.66 USD). The exceeding amount (P2-P1*110%) has already been refunded to users who invested with GTs. Traders can check the balance at: (the asset is categorized as a purchase bonus). Mobile users please go to Wallets - Transactions for balance details.

Total amount of GT refund for CNNS Startup Sale participants: 279189.057 GT
Total amount of GT refund for DREP Startup Sale participants: 316414.26 GT

The refunded GT was deducted from the Startup Sales income from projects. The amount of GT will not fluctuate.

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May 31, 2019