Coin Price 24h % Summer Kits Giveaway!

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To thank our loyal users for your support this summer, we are giving away multiple Summer Kits ( T-shirt, Gatechain T-shirt, cap & tote bag) for any user holding GT or with a VIP ranking.

Qualified users can receive gifts by submitting the ticket accordingly before UTC 15:59 on June 27, 2019. After the information is verified, the gifts will be dispatched to you.

Ticket Collection Time:
From now until UTC 15:59 on June 27, 2019.
(GT holdings and VIP tiers will be checked based on the status at UTC 15:59 on June 27, 2019)

Activity 1: GT Holdings Rewards

1.Users holding over 500,000 GT will receive: 1 Gatechain Sterling Silver Coin + 2 Summer Kits + VIP one tier upgrade (VIP10 cannot be upgraded)
2.Users holding around 100,000-500,000 GT will receive: 1 Gatechain Sterling Silver Coin + 1 Summer Kits + VIP one tier upgrade (VIP10 cannot be upgraded)
3.Users holding around 50,000-100,000 GT will receive: 1 Summer Kit + VIP one tier upgrade (VIP10 cannot be upgraded).

Submit the ticket below and get Summer Kits for free :

Activity 2: Advanced VIP User Rewards

1. VIP10 users can receive: 1 VIP10 Sterling Silver Coin + 2 Summer Kits
2. VIP8-9 users can receive: 2 Summer Kits;
3. VIP6-7 users can receive: 1 Summer Kit.

Submit the ticket below and get Summer Kits for free:

*Depending on where you live, you may incur a cost upon receipt of your gift. Please pay for it and submit a request to be reimbursed in USDT.

Activity 3: Lucky draw for VIP users
VIP 1-10 users who have completed our User Experience Survey can participate in our Lucky Draw.

There will be 500 winners in this lucky draw, and each winner will be receiving a set of Summer Kits.

Submit a ticket:
* Each person can only participate once, and only one set of gifts will be sent to each address.
* The lucky draw process will be recorded to ensure fairness, and the recorded video will be posted on social media accounts.

1.A Summer Kit includes: one T-shirt, one Gatechain T-shirt, one cap & one tote bag. The styles and colors of the T-shits are assigned randomly. Please see the size chart for size reference.

2. The GT holdings are calculated based on the 14 days average GT balance. This includes owned GT assets, irrelevant of whether USDT was borrowed to purchase them or if it has been lended out; however, GT borrowed from Margin Trading directly is not considered an owned asset.

E.g. User X is VIP1 (monthly total trading volume>=3BTC). He or she has never held GT, but purchases 14,000 GT the day before the Startup Sale. Therefore, user X’s average 14-day GT balance is 14000 GT/ 14 days= 1000 GT.

3. Qualified users can participate in multiple activities and should fill out and submit each ticket respectively, rewards can be accumulated.

4. Please double check the user information when submitting the ticket to ensure you can receive the reward. The gifts will be dispatched within 10 working days after the event. Please pay attention to the post.

** reserves the final right to interpret this activity.

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