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Let’s celebrate the 11.11 Trading Carnival on !

Activity Details:
1. During the event, all trading (including margin trading) enjoy a 50% discount on trading fees.
1) Time: 2018/11/10, 16:00 (UTC) - 2018/11/11, 16:00 (UTC)
2) All users on will enjoy 50% discount on the trading fee. VIP users enjoy 50% off on the original discount. The higher VIP level you are, the higher discount you can enjoy.
(For example, A is a VIP-4 user. The original discount of VIP-4 on trading fee is 20% off. During the event, A will enjoy 60% off on trading fee.)
*Learn more about VIP levels:

2. “11.11” Trading Competition (USDT Market only).
1) Time: 2018/11/10, 16:00 (UTC) - 2018/11/18, 16:00 (UTC)
2) During the event, users ranking Top 100 of trading volume (USDT Market only, including margin trading) will be awarded VIP-8 for two months.
3) Trading volume = buy amount + sell amount (excluding tradings between the same account ).
4) Because the trading fees of different VIP levels are different, in order to keep the competition fair, the trading volume will be eliminated by multiplying (actual trading fee/ trading fee of VIP-10) to eliminate the difference.
5) Because the referral rewards bring different trading costs, in order to keep the competition fair, the trading volume will be normalized according to if there is a recommender to eliminate the cost difference.

3. Retweet to win VIP-10.
1) Time: 2018/11/10, 16:00 (UTC) - 2018/11/18, 16:00 (UTC)
2) Retweet the activity and complete the form, you will have the chance to win VIP-10 privilege for two months. We will draw winners among all qualified participants to give two months VIP-10.
3) Click to complete the form:

*Results will be announced within 10 working days on social media.

* holds the final explanation right of this activity.

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Nov.9, 2018
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